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From one Counsellor to another

Posted on Fri Aug 26th, 2022 @ 3:09pm by Lieutenant Commander Aurora Vali & Remal Kajun

Mission: New Harrington
Location: Counsellor’s office

Now they were back aboard ship Aurora wanted to speak to Remal, to thank him for all his hard work during the recent mission. She’d sent a message asking to speak with him in her office when he was available.

It had been a long couple of days. The mystery solved, the Sunfire had remained long enough to set things right to the best of their ability. Remal found himself the next morning, rested, clean, and ready to start his day once more by checking his schedule. It had been marked mostly clean by the other counselors leaving only one name and a message from his boss, Aurora.

Feeling amused about what she could possibly want to chat about, he responded with a good time with which he was available to meet and confirmed it on his calendar. He wouldn't put her off too long, just long enough to grab a bite to eat first.

Aurora was going over appointment schedules, and crew files when Remal confirmed with time to meet. It wasn’t that long away so she took some time to get herself something light to eat. She’d had breakfast, but being pregnant even as early as it was, was making her more hungry. Returning to her seat with a small tray of mixed nutritious snacks she sat down to read and eat.

Approximately half an hour later, fed, dressed and ready for duty, Remal entered a quiet hallway and stopped at the counselor's office door. Even though they parted to give him admittance, he paused to knock politely before stepping in. "Good morning." He commented as he walked up to where she was sitting. "And how are we today?" He asked as a counselor might.

“Not too bad all in all” Aurora offered a warm smile as she motioned Remal to sit down. “Please take a seat, this won’t take long.”

Halfheartedly he grinned as he took a seat opposite her. His mind was confident he wasn't in trouble mostly based on her relaxed posturing, yet still unsure why she wanted to chat. "So, what's up doc?" He asked, absent minded about the humorous conontation hidden within his own words.

“I just wanted to say thank you.” Aurora smiled. “Your assistance is invaluable, and you are wonderful at what you do. I just wanted you to know how much you’re appreciated.”

Surprised at her gesture he replied, "well, you are welcome I suppose. But you must know thanks are not necessary. Being me comes naturally, it's kind of what I do. I've made a life out of being helpful to others. So, pleasantries aside, how may I help you today?" He asked in his kindest tone with the knowledge she was buttering him up for a reason.

“Am I that see through?” Aurora offered a guilty smile. “I don’t know if you know or not, but Anna received permission for Savar and I to go ahead with having a baby. I’m officially pregnant with our baby!” She smiled.

"Well then, congratulations are in order." He said with a jovial raise of his hands. "I know you've been hopeful since your union for something like this." He was reading her eyes and noted they weren't quite full of the joyful luster he expected to see. "I mean other than the situation with Sidak, sort of mixing up your natural plans, you are happy about this right?"

“I am happy about it, it’s just...” She paused. “I wanted to be able to conceive naturally, not have to be implanted like I was.”

Realization dawned, "Ah, I can see how that little piece of the greater puzzle could put a small hitch in your level of joy, but ..." He maintained that grizzly old man appearance of someone people trust with their problems. "You cannot say this trivial thing would be enough to put a damper on the love you would share with Savar or your potential newborn. So, what's really bothering you about the conception?" He dug for something deeper.

Aurora paused. “You’re right, it doesn’t change the miracle of being pregnant, or my love for Savar. It’s just...” She shrugged her shoulders. “I guess I...feel inadequate. Like I’m a failure for not being able to give Savar a child without medical intervention!”

He reached across the desk and gave her hand a gentle squeeze, and looking her dead in the eyes said, "there is nothing inadequate about you. Nothing." He reiterated as he released his hand. "On your own, you have shown yourself capable of birthing a child, against your will mind you. And now, just because conception wasn't in the cards due to blood lineage, doesn't make you less of a person."

He could have gone on about how, with the mixing of races in the galaxy, invitro was a growing common trend. But that was not what she appeared to need right now. "You are perfect the way you are. And if you want, you can always pretend it was due to natural conception, right?"

Aurora shrugged her shoulders. “I guess, but I would know that isn’t true.” She sighed. “Listen to me feeling sorry for myself when I shouldn’t!” She offered a more cheery smile.

He was instantly sorry for his ill-timed joke as he should have known better. She was feeling self-conscious and insecure and his attempt at humor to cheer her up was less than stellar. "No, you shouldn't." He started. "But the fact that you are, means this is rather important to you, for that I apologize to make light of your situation."

He backpedaled as he sat back in his chair. "This is a really emotional time for a person. You're so happy with having created a life that a small portion of your inner mind wants to rob you of that feeling. If you would like we can schedule a day each week to talk about that inner voice. Maybe help it to be a little quieter when we don't want it around?" He offered himself up as an attentive ear.

Aurora nodded. “I think I’d like that, thank you Remal. Savar would probably be upset with me, but I talk to him all the time. I don’t want to keep worrying him with my concerns.”

Remal smiled. "I'm not certain Vulcans are capable of worry or being upset for that matter. Besides I'm sure he will see the logic behind your need to talk with someone outside your family circle." Remal was going to shift the subject to Savars upcoming hearing but chose instead to sweep that under the rug, as it were. Instead he went with, "So, have you thought about names yet?"

“Not yet” Aurora offered a smile. “We’ll sort that nearer the time.” She paused. “Remal...I’m worried about Savar’s hearing, what if it doesn’t go in his favour?”

"I feel many of us are worried, for many reasons. But worrying as you know is like trying to solve a math equation by chewing bubble gum. We have to put faith in people and trust that the system will work in Savars favor, for the sake of all of us."

He leaned forward, "besides, I doubt Rhen would allow anything to happen to him. S'thenosis either for that matter. That one is stubborn and once she has her talons locked in, there's no stopping her." He hoped his words were of some comfort, though deep within he felt the worry as well. The trial was played up to be a catalyst against the whole of the Federation and a potential precursor to a new war.

Aurora nodded. “No matter what I’ll be at his side, but it scares me. I need Savar! I can’t be without him, not ever!”

"I can sympathize. Without Rhenora I would crumble into nothing." He allowed a small chuckle, "Look at us, a pair of counselors with co-depenency issues. Perhaps we should confide in one another more often. In reality I'd be a hipocrit if I told you that you are a strong independent person who could survive without your spouse, so I won't. But, you and I both know the turn about is the same. They would be lost without us too."

Aurora nodded. “That’s very true, Savar and I first met at the Academy. We fell in love, which in turn led to our parents arranging a bonding but when the time came neither of us was ready. It wasn’t until I transferred here that I realised I’d made a mistake, I was always meant to be his.”

He could talk a lot about loss, specifically the concerns he had about possibly losing Rhenora, but this was her emotional session and he wasn't about to take that from her. "So, how long after you came on board did you realize?"

Aurora smiled. “Not long at all. The minute I set eyes on Savar I knew I was still in love with him.” She smiled as she remembered. “We were always meant to be bonded, now we are it’s given me clarity of thought where my Vulcan side is concerned.”

"And your Betazoid side, what of it?" He thought briefly about he and Rhenora had first met versus how long he had known he loved her prior to their meeting. Damn those orb visions for painting such a wonderful image for him to pursue. "Has it received the same level of clarity?"

“That was...a bit more tricky, the mix of two minds blending together took a little while to get used to when we first bonded.” Aurora smiled. “But I’m used to it now.”

"I am glad to hear it. Reconciliation of your own inner selves can be a great achievement in life many never seem to reach." He abruptly decided this was a good chance to inject Patin into the conversation. "Speaking of which, since we left the station in a hurry I haven't had the chance for you to meet one of Rhen's friends, Patin. She too is of a split mind on most things. Bit of a pistol really. I would love for the two of you to meet. Only if you are willing of course?"

Aurora nodded. “Of course, I’d love to. She sounds like a err...interesting person.” She smiled.

A belly laugh escaped his open jaw and mid-laugh he joked, "Oh, you have no idea." It had been an interesting conversation, one he thoroughly enjoyed. One he looked forward to having again, perhaps when he was ready to talk babies. "And just like that, our time is up." He said looking at the chronometer.

“That went fast!” Aurora grinned as she stood up. “Thank you Remal. I appreciate your help, and advice.”

"Tends to do that when the conversation is good." He stood as well, his back releasing as he did. The feeling resonated on his face. "Seems we both could use the time, for each other's benefit. So you're welcome and I thank you in return." He finished with a smile. "Take care." With that, he turned and headed out for his next appointment.



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