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Breaking the News

Posted on Sat Jun 18th, 2022 @ 11:28pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant JG Aurora Vali

Mission: *CD*
Location: Ready Room

Aurora was still buzzing with excitement when she arrived on the bridge, making her way to the ready room she pressed the door chime and waited for admittance.

Captain Kaylen Rhenora looked up as the door chime sounded, she didn't have any scheduled appointments but had always strongly encouraged her crew to come and have a chat whenever something was on their minds, no matter who it was.

"Come in" she called lightly as she finished up the report she was working on, stiffled another round of sneezes and tried very so very hard not to curse when they finally abated.

Walking inside Aurora smiled warmly as she approached Rhenora’s desk with a spring in her step. “Morning!” She took a seat. “I have some news... I’m pregnant!”

Wiping her nose after the sneezes had subsided Rhebora's face lit up with the news. "Dr Thesia was able to come up with a solution? I'm so happy for you both" she said warmly.

Aurora grinned. “Thank you Rhenora! I was so nervous, but Anna put my mind at rest. I can’t thank her enough for what she’s done for us.”

"I'm so very happy for you both" The Captain smiled, "Dr Thesia is indeed the most talented of physicians. Has she issued any restrictions or are you still on full active duty?"

“Let’s just say I promised to take it easy for the first few weeks, being ship’s Counsellor will afford me that. It’s a sit down job after all.” Aurora grinned.

"If you're still on full duty I can't pull you from any away missions or the like. Taking it easy is one thing, medical restrictions are another. Are you okay with that?" The question was an honest one. The Captain herself had done anything but 'take it easy' but the circumstances were different.

Aurora nodded. “That’s fine, I have no doubt Savar will leave me behind if he deems away missions too risky for me.” She offered a smile. “I don’t plan on putting our baby at risk.”

"He may not have that luxury" Rhenora said carefully, knowing she was walking a fine line here "he may need to choose again between duty and family"

“I had a feeling you’d say something like that” Aurora nodded her understanding. “We’re both Starfleet Officers we understand the risks.”

"I understand you're still working through the ramifications from the previous mission, so it needed to be said. I'm sorry I had to be the one to say it" Kaylen admitted as she considered the circumstances. It would have hurt no matter what the reasons were behind it.

Aurora nodded. “It’s okay, I was more sore at the downgrade of my rank. I worked hard to get to where I was, losing it even if it’s only for six months, it hurts.”

"It would indeed, but by the time your baby arrives, everything will be restored to the way it was." Rhenora soothed, trying to get the councillor to focus on the positive.

Aurora nodded. “That’s true, I need to focus on the good not on what I can’t change.” She smiled. “Thank you Rhenora, I should go home and talk to Savar, I was so horrible to him!”

Rhenora smiled, it seemed like the miracle of life was already healing a fractured heart. "Give him my best"

Aurora nodded. “Of course I will Rhenora.” She smiled warmly.

"I hope it's smooth sailing for you, let me know if I can help in anyway" Rhenora smiled, rising and rounding the desk to give her friend a hug.

Aurora smiled warmly as she returned Rhenora’s hug, it was nice to have such a good friendship with Rhenora. “Same goes for you too, your little one will be making an appearance well before mine.”

" Just over 3 months, although it feels like an eternity" The laughter from the Bajoran was honest and heartfelt, lighting up the atmosphere of the ready room. "I guess we better both start working on that 'work/life' balancing act"

Aurora nodded. “Very true. Speaking of which I need to check on Sidak, see how he’s getting along at nursery. He was a little fussy when I left him this morning.”

"Go, I'll catch up with you later I'm sure" Rhenora nodded towards the door, knowing that Aurora was going to be very busy soon. The Captain considered her own future and what it may entail but wanted to keep an open mind despite what the Prophets had forewarned. Either way, whatever was going to happen would happen and she was powerless to prevent or alter it. With a sigh she picked up her coffee, took a sip, and settled back down to work.


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