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Feels like the first time ptII

Posted on Sat May 14th, 2022 @ 6:09pm by Lieutenant Bonnie "Bon-Bon" Durnell & Commander Dean House

Mission: *CD*
Location: USS Sunfire - Cargo Bay
Timeline: Current-ish

Dean saw those wheels turning. He didn’t ask about what it was though, for the moment. “Alright then. Do you want to write the note?” It just also dawned on him, unless she did, there isn’t a quick way back. They’d figure it out. Having her follow him to his quarters. Motioning for her to make herself at home. Heading to his kitchen area.

Despite her confusion about writing a note, she followed him to his quarters and took a seat opposite him where he worked. As usual, she turned the stool around and sat on it backwards. "Okay, so, I'm not sure if you understand how this will work." She started.

"A transport cycle, though almost instantaneous, is still limited in speed by distance and power consumption. So, the further away the location, the more time and power are needed to make it work." She explained without stopping to think that Dean may already understand. Since he was busy making his Deanwhich, she explained further. "So, how long would you say someone has ever been trapped in mid-transport for one reason or another?"

He didn’t completely get all of it instantly, but with some thought, it made sense. “That’s pretty consistent I think with anything. I mean it’s the same with say, Warp Drives, Impulse, even our bodies.” Getting a pan out now that he’d done the prep. He put together two of them. Just in case.

Working with the pan and doing it that way, not say a press to do both sides at one time. “Mid-transport? I’m not sure. If you mean distance. I have heard of people being trapped in the buffer intentionally for decades.”

Excited that he understood, she continued. "Right, like Captain Scott on the Jenolan. Like eighty years or something. Well…" she hesitated. "This may feel like eighty years. My calculations show that from here to Earth will take 2.5 hours, which is still a far cry from the six to eight days by normal travel."

She rolled her eyes, "And the power consumption will be taxing. I tapped into a warp drive subsystem in order to get a consistent power draw for the two of us. I mean I considered using jump points, like other ships and stationary platforms to help boost the jump, but that would mean synchronizing with numerous locations and I don't think we have the time for that. Do you?" When she got excited, she tended to ramble on, even when she was the only one there to listen at times.

There was a shake of his head, as he plated both of them. Setting the pan aside to clean later. “Wouldn’t that require modifying those others also to begin with?” Turning to her, “I don’t think we have time for it, like you said anyway. We should be fine. It’ll be like..taking a really long bath or, in a sauna I suppose. It should feel instantaneous anyway.”

He understood and to her that meant alot. She swooned at the idea, “A really long bath would be nice right now. Laying back, eyes closed, the scent of lilac and vanilla filling my sinuses, uh, divine.” She mimicked relaxing by leaning back on the stool, her legs wrapped around the legs. It was enough, the lean, the closed eyes, to cause the stool to tilt. This jerked her back to reality and she sat forward really hard, the legs of the stool slamming into the hard floor. She had caught herself. She gave an awkward chuckle and a half grin. “So, are we ready to go?”

Dean actually didn’t say anything much about what Bonnie was doing right now. Just letting her have it, that bit of a moment. “Have been for five minutes actually.”

"Well then," she eyed the sandwiches and then Dean and blushed at the thought she had been caught daydreaming and losing track of time. "Sorry." She added with a sarcastic tone before standing with a slight twitch of her hip. They took the Deanwhiches and walked back to the cargo bay where she began to grow nervous. This would be the first test of the system and she so desperately wanted everything to go right.

Dean gave a bit of a shrug again, “It’s fine. If you want the other, or to split it. That’s why I made two.” Giving a smile to her. Just one first, because he'd have to make another if they did both and it didn’t work.

After he placed the Deanwhiches on the transport pad, she placed the armband tracker around each one. "There. Now we can track them in case something goes wrong. And we can get a better idea how long the transport will take and how much power it will take. I've set the location for just outside my papa's house in Washington DC and a five-minute timer on the return. If all goes right we will get everything back in one piece."

“I guess that means we just need to sit here and monitor, and well, wait.” Nodding to Bonnie and moment as he moved over by her to look at the console also. “You did the work, you get the honors.”

She took a deep breath and set to work, her fingers dancing over the controls smoothly, and efficiently. "Activating subspace field coils. Confirming tunnel connection. Verifying destination point. Locking trajectory. Engaging." The beam of light that engulfed the first sandwich was a shimmering blue at first before being enveloped in a bubble of gold. And that was the way it stayed for the next hour and fifteen minutes before finally disappearing. There was one brief moment where that Deanwhich was touching two quadrants at the same time. Now it would be another hour and a quarter before it appeared on Earth and another two and a half before it came back.

She sighed as the transport platform continued to hum, so far so good. Finally, she turned to Dean, "Have anything fun to do while we wait?" And she gave him a friendly smile.

“Hmm. Well, there is that time, you kind of established it would take after. Though I hadn’t thought that far ahead about something to do while we’re waiting on it.” Dean gave her a thoughtful look, returning the smile. “Not sure, we should stay here, or at least return after not too long in case something happens.”

“Oh, no, I want to stay here. I don’t want to miss a thing in case something goes wrong. No, I meant here,” she gestured to the cargo bay. “In the bay. I just need something to stem the boredom otherwise my mind will just keep running numbers, over and over again. Know what I mean?” She pushed away from the console. “What we need is some entertainment.”

“Um…I’m not sure. I suppose we could always go through all those containers and see what is in them? I’m coming up with a blank at the moment. Dean shook his head.

“Well, we’ve got over an hour. Know any good movies? Or, or, we could listen to some music? Anything right now sounds like something better than the fears rattlin’ around in my noggin’.”

“Um, actually, I do know some good movies, but it depends on what kind you like. And I know music. Though…” Points at her, “I’m not singing.” Regardless of the fact he could.

Surprised and instantly dubious, she gave him a playful look. "Oh Don't give me that. With all of your enhanced abilities, you're telling me you can't sing? Whatever." She grabbed his hand and pulled him into the empty center of the cargo bay. She could feel his resistance, but will overpowers apprehension almost every time.

In the center of the room she looked him in the eye, measuring him up, "Computer, play something upbeat, early 21st, no, late 20th-century dance-pop." The computer responded. Bonnie then looked at Dean. "Okay, show me how you dance, but be careful because weird things happen when I dance. Would hate to break a toe or something." She gave a half wink and a grin as the music began, filling the bay with a thump-thumping beat.

Still looking apprehensive she rolled her eyes. "Fine, I'll start." She started tapping her feet and swaying her hips to the beat. Her arms and upper body followed suit. Closing her eyes she began feeling the rhythm and really getting into the movements. If it were anyone else she would never have shown this side of herself. But this was Dean, her friend after all. When she finally opened her eyes, he was staring at her. "What?! Come on, dance." She grabbed him by the hands, forcing her rhythm into his arms.

He probably figured that she knew the singing thing was bullshit. Since she wanted to do dancing though, he’d much rather and sang. The one thing he doesn’t do, not what she was doing, was that kind of dancing. Other forms, styles, sure. Just not that.

Dean was watching her though as she started moving. No…he knew movements like that from watching others over the years, but it was another thing to try to do them. Though his fingers did curl around her hands when she took his. “I don’t do this type of da…” cut off by the pull. The warmth was particularly nice, it was either his body…or was it hers? Didn’t matter at this point. The rhythm was easy enough for him to catch on to and with her leading it. However, his movements were stiff.

It only took a few steps, a few beats, for her to recognize how rigid his movements were. She laughed, "Come on Pretty Boy, is that the best you've got? You've got to loosen up. Really feel the beat, and then, let yourself go!" She emphasized with a spin, which moved her closer to him. She could feel his hands reach out and grab her about the hips where she was ticklish. She gave a sly giggle then continued to gyrate to the beat.

The spin was easy for him to do with her, given that’s an ancient one. Looking down, he kind of thought that she was switching it up, ever so slightly. While it was still that more up beat one, there was a bit of that flair of the old as well. Dean didn’t need to look to where his hands should have been. Closing his eyes and instead of listening to the music. He was using the feel of her hips to start to move in time with her.

The song continued, the beat intensified. She looked him in the eyes, “That’s it, you’re getting it now.” Then she felt mischievous, an idea brewing in her head. “Okay pretty boy, try this.” She stepped up close, so that their bodies were touching, then pushed off, performed a step turn, rotated around, then came back to within an inch of him, her hands landing one in his, the other on his rumpus. Letting out a breath she said, “Now, you.”

He wasn’t sure what she was getting at, at first or how. However, once she started, that got pretty familiar to something else. Ever so slightly giving a glance down, before catching her hand. Doing the same thing, though not his hand on her rear. It was more of a snap against him by way of the small of her back.

Her eyes wide at his grip, she let out a little "ooh." Then, as the music ended, she was feeling a warm flush to her face. They separated and she himhawed for a moment before walking over and checking the console. "Still have about an hour."

She eyed a nearby stool and decided a break was in order. She sat down in her usual way, crossed her legs around the base and planted her hands between her thighs upon the stool for balance. "Not too bad, pretty boy. So, we still have time. Tell me about Mr. Dean House." Then she added with a devilish grin, "please."



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