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Returning to Duty

Posted on Thu May 12th, 2022 @ 12:29am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Lieutenant JG Avarak

Mission: *CD*
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Current

During his time at the Sorak Institute for Theoretical Physics, Avarak's service on the Sunfire had felt like a distant memory but after stepping off the transporter pad, all his memories came flooding back. It felt like he had never left, right down to his quarters. Despite his temporary reassignment being of an indeterminate length, his quarters had remained just as he had left them. Setting his bag — Avarak believed in traveling light — he headed straight for the Captain's ready room.

Avarak pressed the door bell chime and waited to be beckoned in.

Captain Kaylen Rhenora had only just returned to duty herself after a period of time on Bajor. It felt good to be back in her ready room, it felt like home. Not that she would ever admit it to Remal of course.

"Come in" she said warmly, smiling as Ronson appeared and brought a fresh cup of coffee.

The science officer stepped into the ready room and stood at attention. "Lieutenant junior grade Avarak reporting for duty, Captain."

"Avarak! It's so good to see you again, I hope you time at the Institute proved worthy of its accolades" the Captain smiled and gestured to the seat opposite her own.

"Thank you, Captain, it is agreeable to have returned." Responded the science officer, with typical Vulcan stoicism.

"You have been missed, greatly" Rhenora added as she tried to peek through the Vulcan exterior. "So tell me, what were you working on at the Institute?"

Avarak relaxed in response to the Captain's relaxed attitude. 'Small talk', he thought, 'not my greatest strength.'

"Thank you, Captain. I was continuing the research from my doctoral thesis. Building off of the pathfinder project which contacted the USS Voyager when she was stranded in the delta quadrant, my team and I conducted experiments on extrapolating the technique to developing a new form of propulsion."

"Very interesting indeed - did you find anything that could prove useful or are we still talking hypotheticals and theory?" She probed gently, sensing his discomfort but allowing him the grace to express himself anyway.

"Our experiments yielded some intriguing results." Replied the science officer, "However we are still far away from developing anything actionable. If you're interested, Captain, I could send you a copy of my team's preliminary results."

" I would love to read through your team's preliminary findings," The Captain encouraged, always keen to take an interesting in what her team were doing outside of the Sunfire.

"Certainly. Additionally, I have yet to attend to my departmental responsibilities, but intend to get myself caught up once I return to my quarters." Said Avarak.

" Of course, I believe you have a new junior officer assigned to your department. I'm sure she'll prove most valuable. Give yourself a little time to settle in, I think we have a few more days until the repairs are finished." Rhenora explained.

"Very good, Captain. I will meet with the new officer as soon as practicable." Said Avarak.

"I'm sure she would be appreciative. You remember what it's like being fresh out of the academy on your first assignment." Rhenora smiled with the memory of her own first few days in space with Starfleet.

Avarak bowed respectfully. "It is agreeable to be back, Captain." And with her permission, Avarak took his leave, the door to the ready room hissing quietly closed behind him.

Rhenora reclined against the back of her chair, musing over the fact the Sunfire nearly had a full complement again. They were still down a CMO but Dr Wilson was doing an admirable job handling things. Soon they'd be back in space and ready for whatever the universe decided to throw at them next.


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