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Posted on Sat Apr 9th, 2022 @ 3:21pm by Lieutenant Alison Haldeman & Lieutenant Thomas Hadleman

Mission: *CD*
Location: Haldemann quarters

It had been a long day, with Freya Ross gone Alison had been bumped up the chain of command to Assistant Chief of Ops and the added responsibility on top of her now 16 week pregnancy had made for a tiring day.

Tom had arrived back at their quarters a little after Alison. He was bored to tears. There was absolutely nothing for him to do as chief diplomatic officer. So, he read reports, boned up on diplomatic procedures and regulations. "Alison? I'm home."

“Hey handsome” Alison offered a smile as she greeted her husband, giving him a kiss in greeting. “Looks like you had another boring day, wish I could say the same! Lieutenant Ross isn’t returning to the ship, so it seems I’m the new Assistant Chief of Ops.”

"Hi beautiful." Tom replies, giving Alison a kiss in return. Lieutenant Ross left? Sorry to hear that but hey, Congratulations to you! That is fantastic. Way to go Alie!!!!!!" Tom replies happy for his wife's promotion.

Alison grinned. “Thank you! It’s come at a time when I really could have done without the added stress, but I’m not going to refuse the position. I’ll just have to spend more time relaxing when I’m at home.”

"Both Mandy and I will make sure you do relax Alie. You don't need the added stress and neither does the baby." Tom noted, "In fact come over to the couch and sit down, put your feet up and relax."

Alison smiled. “That is the best thing I’ve heard all day!” She moved across to the sofa and sat down. Removing her shoes she stretched out, putting a comfy cushion behind her back to support it. “Ohhh that is sooo much better!”

Tom came to sit beside her. "I know just what you need Alie." He said with a grin as he picked up one of her feet and began to give it a gentle foot massage.

Alison sighed contentedly, “Last time you did that was when I was pregnant with ... Alex” she paused as the memory of the loss of their 4 year old son came to mind, before she took a deep breath. “Sorry, the memory is still pretty raw.”

Tom nodded slowly. "I know Alie. I know. It's an open wound for me that I don't think will ever heal." He replied honestly.

Alison nodded. “It will heal but it’s going to take a long time. We’ve started our family off on a new path, we just have to let the past stay in the past.” She sighed. “Alex won’t ever be forgotten.”

"I know Alie and you are right, Alex will never be forgotten as our family will always remember him.” Tom says softly his guilt still haunting him.

“I promise I will never push you away again Tom.” Alison offered a comforting smile. “We’re together again, that’s how we’re going to stay.”

Tom leans forward and kisses her. "I'm so thankful we are together Alie. You, Mandy and me and you are right, that is how we're going to stay. Alex would want that."

Alison returned her husband’s kiss with love and tenderness. “I know he would Tom. “So how was your day today?”

"It was okay Alie. Spent time boning up on diplomatic protocol and regulations. So that was both helpful and informative."

“Not to mention boring!” Alison grinned. “In other words you were so bored you read up on it for something to do.”

Tom chuckled and grinned at Alie's statement. "You know me so well. I was bored, completely bored." He admitted.

“Maybe you should ask about a change of department?” Alison smiled as she relaxed back on her cushion. “Something where you’d have more to do.”

"I've considered it Alie but where? The only position I'll be happy in is to be a captain again and that doesn't appear to be happening anytime soon."

Alison nodded. “I know, maybe one day you’ll earn your command back. Right now you need something that’ll make you happy.”

"Hope you are right Alie." Tom replied. "I think I would like being a diplomat if there was something to do." He paused and then slapped his hand together. "I know! We're going to celebrate your promotion. I'll fix you a special dinner. What would you like?"

“Mmmm now that’s a tricky question!” Alison grinned. “How’s about a roast dinner with all the trimmings? A Lamb roast.”

Tom thought on Alie's request. "A lamb roast with all the trimmings? I think that can be arranged Alie. In fact I am sure it can be arranged."

Alison smiled. “Do you want me to lend you a hand?”

"You rest and then when you are ready you can come and give me a hand." Tom replied with a grin.

“If I sit here too long I’ll be asleep!” Alison grinned. “Maybe it’s because I’m older but I’m finding this pregnancy a whole lot more tiring, but then I am working a full day’s shift as well.”

"I think it's more you are working a full shift than you being older Alie. Of course that is my own opinion." Tom answered with a smile.

She nodded. “Well we were on that planet for a long time.” She stifled a yawn. “If you don’t mind I’ll grab a quick nap before we eat?”

"Go right ahead Alie." Tom replied. "I'll just go into the kitchen and start getting everything I need for the dinner."

Alison nodded. “Just give me a nudge when you’re ready for me.” She smiled as she lay down on the sofa resting her head on a cushion.

"You can count on it sweetie." Tom replied as he turned and headed into the kitchen to prepare a special dinner for a very special woman.



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