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Going Home - And on....

Posted on Tue Sep 7th, 2021 @ 4:27am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen & Chief Petty Officer Remal Kajun

Mission: Gamma Quadrant
Location: Bajor
Timeline: Backpost

One more night, one more night under the stars, one more night away from everything” The words were almost a lament, they never got to spend a decent amount of time in their cabin and she vowed soon to change that. In 3 months she would step down as Captain, Commander Savar would step up, and she would need to backfill his role. The cogs of her mind started turning again. “ We need a good 2XO… someone we can train up…” she murmured.

He eyed her "hey, we're not supposed to talk about work." He waited a moment before prodding. "But since you brought it up, any prospects?"

“ I’m not sure entirely, I know someone I would like, but I haven’t heard from her in years” Rhenora mused idly “ But there are a few who are capable on board already”

He nodded, “Sure, there’s Dean, and the new guy Avarak, Duo and Aurora. There are the Haldemans, though I still don’t fully trust Thomas. Um, what was her name, oh, Spirit or was it Spook. Then there’s Thriss and Shylow, even Frey or Bonnie. I mean each one of them has potential to be a second.” He paused as he pondered each of them in turn. “But who was it you were thinking about from before, Laria?”

“ Laria would have made an impressive 2XO, passionate, thoughtful and measured” Rhenora thought of their previous CMO, a brilliant Doctor who had saved Rhenora’s life more times than she cared to count. She missed the Capallan terribly.

“ I was actually thinking of a previous XO, another brilliant tactician, fiery, much less tempered, and definitely not measured. I wonder where she is now” Rhenora mused, staring off into the distance as she thought of times past.

As they pondered times past, something that was happening more and more these days, the people who had broken bread and built up stone began filtering out and away from the cabin. Some stopped to say soraya renga (good day), while others just moved past and gave a curt nod of appreciation. Remal made sure to return their nods and comments as he felt more than ever he was going to need these people.

As the last one left and the sunlight began to dim, Remal turned to Rhen and asked, “So, care for one last swim, or does the bed sound more appealing?” His own back ached but the cold water might make it feel better and he knew it.

“ One last swim sounds good, then bed, I think I’m gonna hurt tomorrow- not used to manual labour, either that or I’m getting old” She smirked as she looked at her husband, his features highlighted by the flickering light of the fire.

"I'm right here with you, growing older each day, but I don't believe there is anywhere I'd rather be." He squeezed her hand. They waited some time to allow their food to digest before heading out to the beach and shedding their clothing. "Have I ever given you a full tour of the property?" He asked as he pulled off his trousers.

She looked at him quizzically, wracking her brain to find the answer. The house, the beach, the garden, what else is there?" She asked with a curious tone. "Surely that's wait...there's more?"

He entered the water slowly, "Sure. There is a walking trail through the woods, that way." He pointed. "And a small secluded area near to the mountain outflow stream, over there." He pointed in the opposite direction.

"While on Earth I heard about something called a Jacuzzi?" He said with uncertainty as he lowered himself into the cool water. "It is a tub of water that you can heat or use with air jets. I thought that stream spot would be perfect. Supposed to be good for old bones." He mused at the future potential of the property, their property, their home.

She watched his bare bottom succumb to the waves, mouth agape as the words made their way into her brain. She knew of the stream, but had no idea their land extended so far - Bajoran’s rarely constructed fences so to the untrained eye the differentiation of land ownership could be tricky.

“You’re gonna build a jacuzzi by the stream?” Rhenora asked as she finally found the use of her vocal chords again.

"Yeah, maybe. What do you think of the idea?" He splashed around a bit before settling into a hovering position, like a dog preparing to lie down.

“ Sounds glorious - but we do need to finish the house first” Rhenora joined him in the water, floating in the gentle waves just past the breakers.

"I know. I was just dreaming ahead." He moved close to her and placed his hands upon her hips so that she could wrap her arms around his neck. "You know, the first time I built this cabin it was my vision and my interpretation of what you would want for our future. This time, it is our shared vision which will make this a home. If I weren't so angry at those who burnt it to the ground, I would almost thank them for the opportunity to make this right."

"The first cottage was beautiful, the second will be even more so because it will not only house you, but our child as well" the thought of the laughter of a small child filling the air around them was nothing less than euphoric. There would be tempers and tears and all the other things that went with raising children, but most of all she hopes the laughter would eclipse all else.

She regarded her husband with a look that spoke only of the love and unshakable bond they shared. "You are the best person I could think of to be a father."

He smirked, “Glad I picked you as the mother then, otherwise this would be a tad awkward.” Together they spent the next half an hour relaxing in the water, enjoying the comforting feeling of the cool water on their tired bones. When fingers were properly pruned and the Sun began to crest beyond the horizon they strolled out of the water to find shelter by a warm fire. Still smoldering from supper, the flames were not difficult to coax from their coals once more.

As they relaxed together in a cozy embrace, a body to body style cuddle, it was difficult, at least for Remal, to get his mind off of what was happening with his people. In his mind they were being led down a path of division, one with dark implicating ends. He knew at some point in the next four months, there would come a point where Rhen’s life would be in danger, possibly to the point where she was on the verge of death.

She had seen it. He had seen it, though he had also denied the Prophets because of it. A fact that still caused him discourse. To be considered as an Emissary to Prophets that he no longer believed had the best interest of the Bajoran people at heart, was a hard pill to swallow. He felt like a neutral party in a divisive struggle. A referee, who understood right from wrong and could only react accordingly. Finding faith that reacting would be enough was like finding a fish underwater at night.

As the embers burned down, he kissed her goodnight and within minutes he was out, as was his nature. That night would bring with it a restless sleep, for each of them.

TBC yet still :)


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