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Building a bigger better picture

Posted on Wed Sep 15th, 2021 @ 1:35am by Commodore S'thenosis Gorgox & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant Aurora Vali & Senior Chief Petty Officer Ronson Mitchell

Mission: Gamma Quadrant
Location: Holodeck 2
Timeline: On Route to Nebulous Cloud

She stood tall, inside the empty space that was the holodeck. She had already summoned the others using Ronson as a personal attaché, which he was so long as he didn't interfere with the Captain's coffee rituals, a mutual agreement. Now she waited for Ensign Bob Gomez, Commander Savar, and Lieutenant Vali to report for their visual depositions one after another. She would take their stories and put them together into a picture that made sense, despite their varying degrees of perspective.

Savar was on the bridge when he received the message from Ronson that the Commodore wanted to see him in the holodeck. He presumed this was part of the Commodore's strategy to get a better picture of what happened in the killing of Gul Maccet. He thanked Ronson and asked him to inform the Commodore he would be shortly.

Ensign Bob Gomez received the message regarding from Commodore S'Thenosis and squeaked in a most unmanly manner. What would the Dragon want with him? He was a lowly ensign who sometimes even managed to get some of his job done some of the time.

" What's up Bob?" his teammate asked, seeing Bob almost quivering with fear.

" The Dragon wants to see me...." He whimpered and slowly made his way towards the door, convinced he was never going to be seen alive again.

A short time later he appeared at the Holodeck and raised a quaking finger to the door control.

The doors parted and S'thenosis turned her head stiffly in his direction, and then immediately snapped back to the empty space within. "Enter Ensign Gomez, you are three minutes late. Perhaps the adage of 'the sooner we can get started, the sooner we can be finished' somehow eluded you during your tenure. But, since you've decided to grace me with your presence, I would like you to use the holodeck to show me your perspective of the events which occurred on Orias III." She clenched her stone-faced jaw. "In your own time, of course."

" Huh wha?" Gomez attempted to make his brain function in the presence of one so intimidating. Orias III was some time ago and his memory of it was beginning to dull somewhat.

"I'm not sure what you mean? I was only on the search party, I didn't kill the bad man"

"Mr. Gomez, humor me for a moment. You understand the concept of a puzzle, correct?" She waited for his nodding acknowledgment before continuing. "We are attempting to put together a large puzzle, and you Mr. Gomez, may only have a few small pieces, yet without them, we do not have a picture. Without a full picture, there will be gaps in our understanding and therefore our defense, do you understand now, Mr. Gomez?"

Bob nodded, still fearful of the intimidating Commodore who generally put the fear into anyone she came across. " Ahh Yes. sir.. ma'am.. Commodore...sir"

She clenched her jaw again before speaking, "Ma'am will do fine. Now, please ask the computer to show us Orias III, and provide as much detail of your perspective as possible. Do not spare any details."

Bob headed over to the holodeck control panel, inputting a series of instructions that enabled the program to recreate the arid wasteland, complete with the caves in question. He tweaked the visual display here and there until it was to his liking before turning back to the Commodore.

"I think that's it" he finished.

The wasteland swirled around with a light breeze, tall crystals jutting from the ground strategically. "I seem to remember reading something about an atmospheric storm of some sort. Perhaps you could include that in your display. And then I'll need you to show me where you were standing, please."

Bob headed again to the control panel, bringing forth a dark stormcloud with ion lightning that seemed suspended and frozen in time flashing a bright green amongst the darkness. The ambient light level in the room dropped significantly and an ominous feeling began to pervade. He increased the intensity of the paused storm a number of times before he seemed happy with the result.

"We beamed in here...and then we moved over here" The young man moved and stood near the cave where they had detected the energy signatures.

She followed his movements, carefully tracing the pattern, taking in anything and everything. When she stopped an inch from him, she looked down, "Well, carry on, what happened next Mr. Gomez?"

She continued to dog him, dragging every last piece of information she could from his brain. From the moment the away party stepped foot onto the planet, to the moment Bob was separated from the away team when the Cardassians gave up their pawns. There were gaps in his story, from memory or from other reasons. Bob clearly seemed distracted, almost frightened. As time passed, S'thenosis began to get a bigger picture of at least movements and atmospheric conditions. When the half-hour was over she prepared to dismiss Bob, and thank him for his time when the doors parted.

Aurora had delayed her arrival for a few short minutes, she was dreading what was to come. Her greatest fear was that she’d lose Savar, she wasn’t going to let that happen if she could help it. Arriving at the holodeck she paused before walking inside. “Reporting as ordered Commodore.”

"Ah, Mrs. Vali, do come in. Mr. Gomez is almost done describing his experience for the record and then it will be your turn. And Mrs. Vali, thank you for coming close to being on time. Punctuality on this ship appears to be lax." Her forked tongue slipped out ever so slightly.

His shift over, Savar headed to holodeck so he could give the Commodore his version of what had happened the day Gul Maccet died. He arrived at the appointed time, saw Aurora already there as well as Ensign Gomez. "Commodore, I am here as requested to give my visual recollection of the incident and day in question."

"Thank you, Commander, for your timely arrival. I will ask the two of you to give your rendition of the facts at hand momentarily." She moved off to study the cave where she felt Bob's description was lackluster.

Aurora looked at her husband, she was extremely worried about remembering events as they actually happened.

Savar saw Aurora's worried look and he moved to her. "Aurora, do not worry. All will be fine. remember what you can, to the best of your ability. We will get through this together."

Aurora nodded. “I will, I’m just worried that the Cardassians will do everything in their power to take you from me!”

"We must be strong Aurora. We must have faith in ourselves and each other. Only then can we get through this trial." Savar told her.

Aurora nodded. “I have faith in you Imzadi, my strength comes from you and I will always be strong at your side.”

"United we are unbeatable Aurora as we draw strength and support from each other and it sustains us. I am indeed fortunate to have you by my side." Savar replied.

Aurora smiled and nodded. No matter what she would be there with him.

As they had their back and forth discussion, S'thenosis had finished her look at the cave interior and sent Bob back to his duties. She then approached the couple, hands folded at her abdomen. "If the two of you are ready, shall we begin?"



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