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Ship Shape

Posted on Fri Jul 24th, 2020 @ 8:12am by Commander Andrew Archer

Mission: Welcome Aboard!
Location: USS Sunfire
Timeline: Current


“Ensign Williamson to Lieutenant Archer.” a voice came over the communications system.

Andrew sat up in the command chair, “Yes Ensign?”

“Just letting you know Lieutenant Modi has arrived on the Sunfire.” replied the young woman’s voice. “She wanted me to inform you of her arrival.”

“Cutting it a little fine...” Archer raised an eyebrow, “but more than happy to have her onboard. Thank you Ensign, Archer out.”

The man leaned back in the chair once again. The Captain couldn’t have been too far away by now. Sensors had detected a small shuttle getting ready to depart the Ferrera. He still had some time to get people onto the flight deck.

Archer slapped his comm-badge quickly, “This is Lieutenant Archer to all senior members of staff currently onboard the Sunfire, please report to the flight deck immediately to welcome our new Commanding Officer to the ship.”

He got to his feet and turned to the female Caitian at operations, “Ensign M’Tress, you have the bridge. I’ll be on the flight deck if you need anything.” and with that he made his way into the turbolift.

{Flight Deck}

Archer arrived onto the flight deck and entered the huge hanger-type area. There were a few shuttles dotted around, and a Danube-class runabout. Thankfully the place looked neat and tidy for the Captain’s arrival.

The doors behind him hissed open once again, and a few senior members of the Sunfire’s crew walked onto the flight deck.

Lieutenant Andrew Archer
Chief Science Officer
USS Sunfire


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