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Ferrera on final

Posted on Fri Jul 24th, 2020 @ 7:45am by Captain Thomas Devoe

Mission: Welcome Aboard!
Location: Final approach
Timeline: Before the JP with the CMO

Location: USS Ferrera bridge



Hunter nodded in agreement. "Well look, the Ferrera is only 15 minutes out of Starbase 10. Please prepare for our arrival." his lips curled at the corners into a small smile, "I hope you've kept your Captain's chair warm for him. Hunter out."

Andrew took a seat back in the command chair and gulped.

[End Snipit]

The Command Duty Officer (CDO), folded his fingers as the Captain's ready room doors opened, where Capt Stingray and LCDR. Stanton emerged. They has spend the last few minutes finishing the details for the crew to get some time off at SB10.

"Capt. On the bridge," as the CDO stood up to allow the skipper to take his seat. "Nice job Capt. Hunter. Got us in like a pro, " as the Captain took his seat.

"Thank you sir, " as the Marine took his station. Stanton stood by as she watched her counter part at Ops make a few fine tune adjustments to the power grid.

[Starbase 10 Control Tower]

"Roger Ferrera you are at three miles, Roger Ferrera has the ball and clear to dock in slip 7. Enjoy your stay." The controller's fingers danced across the keyboard as the Promethus Class slipped through and onto slip 7. The automated docking clamps engaged after the mooring lines magnetically attached to the hull. About 10 minutes passed and the gangways attached to the ship forward, midship and aft. She was docked safe and sound for a nap.

[USS Ferrera]

Michael was long sense comfortable as he glanced over his shoulder to the Ops station. "Well Commander, lets not keep the kids waiting. Sound liberty call." She chuckled at his smart ass tone she had grown to know over the years.

[VIP Quarters, USS Ferrera]

Commander Burnett, Ferrera's XO meet with Capt Devoe. "Here ya go. Your shuttle rated, dated and ready for departure. Happy hunting."

*as he took the PADD and glanced the details* "Thank you again for the hospitality of your crew."

"Anytime," as he escorted the skipper to the hanger Bay to were Tom's pilot waited.

[Shuttle Orlando]

Ensign Masters began the launch sequence and the small ship depated. The Promethus's capabilities were always impressive but, his heart always belonged to Akira. Orlando, flew across the bow to the stern. "Nice and slow Ensign, I want to get a good look at her. Especially, on final." As Orlando, came about on its final approach Sunfire waited patiently for last shuttle of the day.

The Sunfire's ILS was operating as it should, showing Orlando on glide path. "Roger Ball," Tom muttered to himself. All appeared to be in order as had expected. Just then a message popped into his PADD. Looking down at it. It revealed the CMO had made him an appointment for a ships physical. {Not alot of time but, I'll make it work} he thought to himself.


Capt. Thomas Devoe, IDF
Incoming CO
USS Sunfire


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