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Made It

Posted on Fri Jul 24th, 2020 @ 6:38am by Lieutenant Noa Modi
Edited on on Fri Jul 24th, 2020 @ 7:54am

Mission: Welcome Aboard!
Location: USS Sunfire, Docking Bay 19, Starbase 10
Timeline: Present

Somehow, someway, she managed to get to the starbase on time.

Noa’s orders had come in at the very last minute. Not that she wasn’t expecting orders, Kips Bay was being prepped to be decommissioned and a diplomat wasn’t exactly needed for that, but they could’ve given her a couple days or something.

It was going to be hard enough adjusting to the idea that everything she’d been working towards for the last six years no longer mattered. Captain Mercer was set to retire, and Commander Speik had been in line to replace her. Speik wanted Noa to be on his XO when he took over and was training her for the job. Now, they were both reassigned to different sides of Federation space.

It was the nature of the job, she supposed, but that didn’t take the sting out of it. Kips Bay was still a good ship and her decommissioning was never really explained to them.

Noa took a deep breath as she adjusted the strap to her duffle as she weaved her way through Starbase 10. Whoever re-designed this thing needed an education in the whole ‘less is more’ philosophy. What was once a simple station was now comparable to a maze. And for what? It wasn’t any more functional this way.

“This is gonna be fun,” she muttered as she spotted the Sunfire through one of the viewports. It was gorgeous, to say the least.

There was something about the Akira-class that Noa loved. Maybe it was the deceptively innocent way the heavy cruiser looked. Maybe it was the ship’s similarities to the original NX-class. In either case, it now home for her and about 500 other people.

Stepping through the airlock, Noa checked in with the duty officer before getting directions to the quartermaster’s office.

“My quarters were reassigned?”

“Yes, sir,” the young woman told her. “You were near the labs; the Chief Science Officer asked to swap.”

“And the captain signed off, I see. It’s fine. Where’d you guys move me to?”

The ensign looked at the PADD in her hands. “E Deck. Your belongings have already been forwarded.”

“Got it.” Noa nodded. She could pull up a map when she gets into the turbolift. “Captain here yet?”

“No, sir.”

“Ranking officer on the ship?”

“Technically the CMO. But Lieutenant Andrew Archer has the bridge.”

Noa knew that name, most people did. He was somehow related to Jonathan Archer, Federation hero. As a diplomat, it was beneficial to know who the players were, even if they didn’t necessarily want to be in the game. The guy had a family name to live up to, for better or for worse.

“Can you let the bridge know I checked in,” Noa said, doing a quick scan of the corridor.

The younger woman smiled. “Turbolift is straight back. I’ll let Archer know you’re here. Welcome aboard, sir.”

“Thanks, Ensign.”


Lieutenant JG Noa Modi
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Sunfire


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