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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

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Mission: Welcome Aboard!
Location: Roundabout Bow/Starbase 10/USS Sunfire
Timeline: Before change of command ceremony

"A ship is always referred to as 'she' because it costs so much to keep one in paint and powder"
-Fleet Admiral Chester William Nimitz Sr-


The transport Runabout Bow was almost at it's destination. It had been doing it's usual route, serving it's usual function. A transport for personnel and small cargo. Other then a 20 hour layover for minor engine repair, she was making good time. She was almost at the end of her week long cycle.

In one of it's passenger's seats sat a man who could barely wait to get to his new assignment. A Marine Lt. who, after 3 days of travelling, just wanted to get to his new assignment. He was slightly starting to get annoyed with being a passenger. And under the conditions of the Runabout Bow it was understandable. In the 3 days he was aboard, he had 1 drink spilled on him. a Fleet Captain almost puke on him. A child annoy him....for a day and a half, ( He always thought family's on ships were bad ideas). And a sleeping Commander try to spoon with him. The Lt. was flattered. But the Commander was not his type. On top of this, he was unable to eat or sleep. So, it was understandable that the Lt just wanted to get to his new assignment.

Just then, a cart rolled down the isle. The Lt. knew what this was. It was refreshments. Good old synthahol. The steward was a human female. Blond hair, a young petty officer. And she was doing her best to keep us amused while we got from point A to point B. She eventually came up to the Marine.

"Would you like some refreshments Lt. Thrix?" She asked.

"No, thanks Nancy." Said the Lt. "I think we are almost at Starbase 10. And, by the way, you know you can call me Orin." He said smiling. She just smiled and carried on.

Orin then got out of his seat and proceeded to the washroom. He stepped in, locked the door, and turned on the tap. he splashed water on his face. he looked up in the mirror. His green Orion skin looked less lustery then usual. He had bags under his eyes. He was tired. And he noticed.

"Wow, I look like a modern art masterpiece." He said. He put his forehead on the glass and closed his eyes standing there for a bit. It was actually pretty comfortable, considering he was sitting in his seat for pretty much 3 days. Just then, he heard something that was music to his ears.

=/\= Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your pilot. please return to your seats. we are coming in on final approach at Starbase 10. =/\=

Orin turned the water off from the sink and returned to his seat.

The Roundabout Bow made a perfect approach, then a perfect landing on the shuttle pad in the Starbase. Orin gathered his belongings, and made sure he had everything. He double checked, especially making sure he had his orders. The most important thing. He walked past the flight stewards. both females. They both smiled on his pass by.

"Goodbye Orin." They both said in unison.

Orin just smiled, and waved.

"There goes the most pleasant part of my whole trip." He said to himself as he walked off the Runabout.


Marine Lt Orin Thrix stood there, on thew landing padd beside the Bow. He felt lost. had no idea where he was going. He just knew that he needed to report to his new assignment as the Marine CO of the USS Sunfire. But he had a problem. Where was it? He needed to find a registry of where the Sunfire was. He saw a small office off the the side off in a corner, about 200 meters away. He noticed that there was someone in it. So he approached the office.

In the office was a single man wearing a gold uniform. The man was Denoblian and wore the rank of Ensign.

"May I assist you?" Asked the man.

"I'm trying to get to the USS Sunfire." Said Orin. "Can you direct me please?"

"Yes, there are 2 ways to get there from here." Said the Ensign. "It's birthed on the other end of the station. You can spend the half hour traversing the station. And finally arriving at your destination after an exhausting walk, or......" The Denoblian trailed off.

"Or????" Asked Orin.

The Ensign let Orin to an adjoining room. And in there, there was a transporter pad. "I would be happy to beam you over Sir." Said the Denoblian smiling.

being slightly annoyed, Orin looked at the Ensign. He said nothing because he knew if he did, he would say something he might regret. The Ensign did nothing to get Orin's wrath from both barrels.

"Thank you." Said Orin stepping onto the padd.

"USS Sunfire, this is Starbase 10. Beaming aboard crew for you." Said the Ensign.

=/\= Acknowledged. Go ahead. =/\= Said the voice from the Sunfire.

"Energize" Said Thrix.

As the light began to simmer and completely get lost in the shimmering All Orin could see was the shimmer. swirling all around him. Like being in a glass that was filled with equal parts water and glitter. Until, he started to make out shapes. Things started becoming clearer. Things started taking shape. Until finally, there he was. The transporter room of the USS Sunfire.

"Allo Monsieur." Said the transporter Chief in a French accent.

"Hi, I need to report in. May I ask where the Captain might be?" Asked Orin.

"Try ze Bridge" He replied.

And with that, Lt Orin Thrix grabbed his gear and orders and left the transporter room.

He stood there for a second reflecting on his trip. "It may have been an interesting trip. Lets just hope it was worth it." He said smiling walking off to report in.


1st Lt Orin Thrix
Marine Commanding Officer
USS Sunfire.


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