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Beam down to Risa

Posted on Thu Sep 17th, 2020 @ 2:45am by Lieutenant Kedzi Direx

Kedzi been on duty too long she thought it was time to beam down to Risa. So she took some of her things and her swimsuit and told the officer to beam her down to Risa.

So Kedzi was beamed down to Risa she went to check in her hotel room to relax as she put her bathing suit on and head for Risa's tranquil waters,
with her towel she also grabbed some sun screen too for the Sun. She was very happy she put her
towel down as she headed for the water for a swim
she just wanted to put everything behind for nice relaxing day on Risa, the tranquil water ,and get a
nice Tan on top of it. Kedzi was wearing a 2 piece swimming suit that's Navey Blue only.

She got out of the water, to dry off, and get lay in the sand, and get a good tan.


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