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Personal Log - Chief Engineer Taazk

Posted on Sun Sep 6th, 2020 @ 9:33pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Taazk

"Computer, start recording Personal Log:

I, with the help of the engineering team have put together a list of parts that the ship needs that cannot be replicated. The Sunfire is now back to full working order after the encounter with the plasma energy ball. I still don't fully know what the end result was, especially with me not being on the bridge at the time. Maybe I should spend more time up on deck one? I do have a seat with my name on it? Maybe if I go up there after recording this log I can sit in the Captains chair and take the ship for a spin around the system? I do have to make sure she is in full working order before our next mission."

Taazk chuckles to himself.

"On a positive note, we have a new engineering specialist coming aboard the Sunfire, a Lieutenant Paxton, her file says she is transferring from the Wayfarer? A good ship. I met Captain Meezo once, he was an Ensign back then, still wet behind the ears and couldn't tell the difference between a self sealing stembolt and a hyper spanner? I wondered how he managed to graduate from the academy?

Anyway, Lt. Paxton. If she is as good as her file reads, I can leave the ship in her capable hands when I'm off duty. Maybe I should contact Captain Meezo for a recommendation of her work ethic? At least if the ship blows up when I'm off duty the Admiralty won't throw the book at me! Well, they can't, I'll be floating atoms by then."

Taazk chuckles again and walks to the replicator in his quarters.

"Cold water with a slice of lime and ice cubes, 6 will suffice"

{the replicator produces his order}

"Computer, remind me to send my parts order to the Quartermaster and Commander Archer at 08:00 hours. It will give him something to read while he's sunning himself on Risa. I hope he isn't burnt to a crisp? Actually, the colour will improve his look, Ensign Taylor will love getting up close and personal with a lobster.

Computer end recording."


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