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Personal Log - Assistant Chief Engineer Taazk

Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2020 @ 12:10am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Taazk
Edited on Sat Jul 25th, 2020 @ 12:08am

"Computer, start recording, personal log:

This morning, before my shift started I went up to the Bridge to pay my respects to Captain Devoe. Upon exiting the turbo lift I was amazed by how new everything looked. It reminded me of a proud Starfleet cadet fresh out of the academy. Clean, with a well pressed uniform, free of any wear and tear. This ship will do us, and the Captain proud. I treat all the ships I serve on like a lady. Treat her well and she will look after you when it matters most."

::Slips in a long forgotten thought for a few seconds::

"Sorry, I digressed. Where was I?

Oh yes, the Bridge. There were alot of faces I didn't recognise sitting at the consoles pretending to be busy. The CONN Officer seemed to be tapping away at random buttons, swaying his body from side to side like he's flying a Peregrine Fighter? Maybe he was reliving his adventures from the holdeck? Maybe I should ask our new Star Fighter Wing Commander to give him a few lessons on how to fly? It would be wise for the ships pilot to know where the start/stop button is before we leave Starbase 10".

::looks under his bunk for a missing datapad::

"I walked to the Captain's ready room and straightened my jacket before pressing the door buzzer, there was no reply. I recall sighing loudly before a "can I help you?" filtered in my direction.

It was my favourite crew member, my Jekyll and Hyde "friend", and I use that word very loosely, Officer of the Day. Maybe I should just call him that and see if he grasps the resemblance?"


"He informed me the Captain was not on board and offered his assistance. I declined politely, well, as politely as a Tellarite can by saying it was none of his business and for the Captain's ears only before turning away. I think he took offense at my raised tone? Wonder if he'll put me up on a charge later?

There was a humanoid Science Officer on the Bridge that caught my eye, scruffy looking, with an unkept beard, not tidy like mine. It seemed like he was watching me as I left? Maybe he hasn't seen a Tellarite before?"

::finds the missing datapad and places it on his bunk::

"A final note, remind me to thank Ensign Perkins from beta shift tomorrow, for introducing me to an old earth entertainment called TV. It shows weird and wonderful forms of entertainment but one very old "program" in the listings did catch my eye? A program called "Crufts". After viewing 5 minutes of this entertainment I had built up a very large appetite. I have never seen your food paraded around before you eat? That is a new concept I would enjoy? I will definately introduce Tellar Prime to this concept on my next visit home.

Computer, end recording"


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