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Command codes transfered

Posted on Wed Dec 2nd, 2020 @ 6:19pm by Captain Margaret Reese & Commander Jodon Arlidd
Edited on on Mon Dec 7th, 2020 @ 12:59pm

Mission: Sunfire Station Keeping Starbase 247
Location: Starbase 247

Jodon had just talked with his wife. Their love died. He was summoned to Captain Reese's office. That love kept him alive but the light in him was going to get dimmer.
Stepping outside the office he pressed the chime and waited.

"Enter." Said a frail old voice from inside. Margaret looked up from the terminal and fixed her eyes on the door. She was just getting settled into her acting captaincy.

Jodon entered and placed his hands behind his back. "You called?" He asked.

"Correct," Reese said squinting her eyes. "As you were the last Captain... I need command codes and a rundown on the senior staff and civilian populations."

"Computer transferred command codes to Captain Reese authorisation Arlid-Gamma-Red-5." He said walking to a chair across from the Captain. "Your first officer is Lieuteant Commander Neassa ┼Żupan Human Female from Ireland and is the Chief Science Officer... She is not too happy."

"WHy is that?" Reese asked.

"She isn't tacking acting command of the Starbase... I didn't want her to she is experienced but use likes phasers than words." Arlidd said.

"I see," Reese said leaning back into her chair.

"Then you have Lieuteant Hebek Vulcan Male Chief Security and Chief Counselor... I'm going in power. He was accused of being a Romulan spy by the Chief Intelligence Officer. Marine Captain Kratos Abels Human Male from Greece on Earth. They start fires you'll have to extinguisher them quickly." Arlidd said.

"Lieuteant Dorothea Barros Human Female from Monta on Earth is your chief traffic control officer. Who runs a smuggler's ring on the base we know but can't get evidence of her involvement."
He added. "Next would be... Lieuteant Rubuz Mokut of the 2nd house of Beitzoid, Beitzoid Male your chief medical officer. Nothing important he's just loyal to Starfleet and his Captain."
He added. "Ensign Emilian Calligaris Human Male from Poland acting chief Engineering nothing fancy he just loves his job."
He added. "Senior Petty Officer Sonya Tunison is the Ops Officer Human Female from Russia loves to eat don't invite her to party the food will be gone within seconds."
He added. "Lastly is Lieuteant Hiawatha Marangoz Human Male from New York he's a wimp who's Chief Tactical and Second Officer." He added.

"It's an interesting crew you have on your base sire," Reese said. "Part from they fight like cats and dogs it seems with a pinch of crime. I will continue to lead them but not like you have... I'm too old to change my style."

"Good... I wish you good luck Captain and yes you can re-assign them elsewhere." He said getting up from his seat and heading to the door.

"Goodbye Commander Arlidd," Reese said smiling from his desk.

"Goodbye Captain." He replied.

Captain Margaret Reese
Commanding Officer
Starbase Hummingbird

Commander Jodon Arlidd
Acting Second Officer & Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Sunfire


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