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The shards of freedom

Posted on Thu Oct 1st, 2020 @ 4:49pm by Captain T'Brei Sheridan
Edited on on Thu Oct 1st, 2020 @ 4:50pm

Mission: Sunfire Station Keeping Starbase 247
Location: Starbase 247

Captain T'Brei T. Sheridan, walked onto the arrival deck of the Starbase, from the USS T'Liquha NCC 34700.

She was rushed through security, quartermaster and onto her suite on the Starbase.

The Host of the Elcor Hotel Suites escorted her to her lush and lovely suite. She walked in and noted that Leo had arrived safe and was asleep in his large Feline caged room, that he lived in when she was not in quaters.

She thanked the Escort and he departed.

She went to the kitchen and steeped mint spiced tea. Pouring a cup she moved to her desk and logged in with secure channel. She replied to correspondence and also sent a Welcome letter to the crew, who would arrive in the next few days.

As she completed her reports....letters and sent thank you notes to family for the gifts she found in her suite. She decided it was time to see the Starbase.

She changed into civillian clothing and began to explore the large base. She noted the Sunfire was still in repair station. She, made her way to the Entertainment complex and shopped for necessary items she needed. She found the Rocking Star club. Entering, she was ushered to a table near the large view windows. She ordered salad and peach iced tea.

As she sat sipping tea and sampling the green salad. She noted many Starfleet officers, enlisted and civillian folk milling about, dining and shopping.

The band played dance music and the place was crowded with dancers and watchers.

T'Brei, knew that the Starbase was on Yellow alert status due to some problems a few light years away, Raiders stealing Freighters cargo even killing of Cargo crews. She had been updated and was on alert herself. She would take a tour soon with Admiral Cerinn.

As she listened to the band and finished her meal, she was ask for a dance.

She nodded rose from her table and walked to the dance floor. Admiral Cerinn put his arm around her waist and held her other hand. They danced a waltz, then a tango.

"So you settled into your suite?"

T'Brei nodded. " I am, the suite is lovely. My Father made the arrangements."

They danced until the music stopped, the Admiral then lead her from The Rocking Star. They arrived at the Gardens. Walking along the large gardens with clear domed ceilings.

"Once your crew has assembled, we will be able to explore more of the mission ahead." He remarked quietly.

T'Brei turned and looked up at him. "I understand, and we will handle what may come."


Captain T'Brei. CO


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