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Risa more than meets a tourist.

Posted on Sun Sep 27th, 2020 @ 7:16pm by Captain T'Brei Sheridan

Mission: Once Upon A Time on Risa.
Location: Risa

T'Brei was moved past the dimension along with Soluk. This strange phenomenon, that came back with them was star charts and a route that would take any vessel through extreme hazardous space time travels.

T'Brei looked around as Soluk spoke. "This would take considerable planning before any ship could take on the mission. The way they communicated telepathically with us, bodes well. And they are aware of our limited stream capabilities in this newly discovered system."

T'Brei nodded, "Indeed, and great care must be given before green lighting such an undertaking."

As they walked back to the beach Villa, going over intel, T'Brei knew that more changes were in the wind.



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