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New parents

Posted on Mon Jun 13th, 2022 @ 5:31pm by Lieutenant JG Aurora Vali & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant Anna S. Thesia M.D.

Mission: *CD*
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: After “The start of a miracle”


The morning couldn’t have come quick enough for Aurora as she and Savar arrived at Sickbay. Aurora wasn’t sure whether she was excited at the thought of implantation, or if she was scared. Maybe even a touch of both. Walking in Aurora offered a smile as she saw Anna waiting for them.

Savar could sense and feel Aurora's nervousness as they entered Sickbay. Something they had wanted and waited for so long was about to happen in just a few minutes. he looked over at her, he spoke in a hushed voice. "In a few moments the road to being a parent begins. How do you feel Aurora?"

Aurora looked towards Savar offering a nervous smile. “I don’t think nervous really covers it, but I’m excited too.”

Savar nodded as Aurora spoke on her feelings. "As well you should be excited. This is an exciting time. I also could see if you were a bit apprehensive Aurora."

Aurora nodded. “I’m nervous, but I’m not going to let it get the better of me!” She smiled. “I want to have our baby Savar, Nothing will stop me doing that.”

"Of course not Aurora nor should you. You are not alone in this journey. I will be with you every step of the way. In addition, you will have Anna that is Dr. Thesia monitoring your progress to ensure all goes as it should."

Aurora nodded. “I know, and for that I’m very grateful.”

Savar took her hand in his as his fingers gently intertwined with hers. "You will be well looked after this entire trip." He paused and then continued, "I love you very much my wife."

Aurora smiled the biggest smile yet “I love you too Imzadi.”

"Good for you, lovebirds", Anna said as she walked up to sickbay to start her shift. "Savar, you're going to give me that sample as well? Or have you.. prepared one at home?"

“We brought one from home” Aurora gave Savar a playful grin as she pulled out a sample container that they’d been given for the purpose, and handed it to Anna.

"Yes, Aurora wanted to make sure there was no mix up. She further stated she wanted the real deal and would accept no substitutions." Savar quipped as his eyes twinkled at his gentle teasing of Aurora.

Aurora jokingly pulled a funny face at Savar before looking at Anna. “Where would you like me Anna?”

"What do you mean, no mix-up?" Anna asked, suddenly sounding irritated. "Just what do you think I do with my lab samples? Afraid I'll drink it and then make your child half Betazoid and half coffee bean by mistake instead?"

"It was an attempt at humor Doctor. I see now it was a poor attempt. I am sorry if I offended you." Savar replied looking admonish.

Anna laughed and poked Savar. "I know that!"

Aurora grinned at the humour, it was certainly helping with her nerves.

"Now, let's get you on the main biobed and I'll get the... wait, you're not afraid of needles by any chance, are you?" Anna asked.

Aurora shook her head. “Absolutely not, I’ll admit I prefer hyposprays but...” she paused. “Is this another lighthearted joke?” She walked across to the biobed and lay down upon it.

"The best way to do this is with a wee pair of nanites", Anna said. "Funny little things, those. They will enter your bloodstream, swim along like nobody's business and ask every cell they meet what they are. They'll eventually find the ovaries, pick up the matured egg, pull it into the bloodstream again and guide it to where it can be easily extracted." She smirked. "It takes a while, but it beats having to go in the old-fashioned way."

Aurora nodded. “Okay, So what are we waiting for?” She took a deep nervous breath and lay waiting for Anna to do what she needed to do.

For his part, Savar stayed silent and out of Anna's way. He took a position up near Aurora's head.

Aurora held out her hand for Savar to hold, this was the time when they would start on the journey of being parents to their own child, as much as she loved their son he wasn’t their biological child, this child would be truly theirs.

Savar took Aurora's hand in his and held it softly. He glanced down at her and he allowed a smile to come to his face. They were on their way to becoming parents.

Anna put a small device on Aurora's arm, roughly trapezoid in shape and with a few buttons. Two were pressed, and the process began. "All you get to do is wait, should only be a few minutes."

Aurora nodded. “So when this is all done will I need to take any time off my duties?”

Anna shook her head. "Not as long as you feel you can work, no. You'll still be able to think and talk, right? You two shall be better able to determine whether you can work than I can."

Aurora grinned. “I worked through my last pregnancy just fine, I’m happy to carry on as there are no restrictions.” She looked towards Savar. “Are you happy with that Imzadi?”

Savar was still holding's Aurora's hand, "I am happy with anything that keeps both you and our child safe. I trust you to know when you are no longer able to carry out your duties and inform Anna and myself."

"Thing is, counselling isn't the most physically demanding job", Anna said. "Neither is aiding in negotiations. There will come a point when landing party duties might not be advisable but that'll be a few months off."

Aurora nodded. “Very true, and I promise if for any reason I don’t feel like I can do my duties you’ll both be the first to know.”

"You'll have the foetus implanted the day after tomorrow", Anna said. "I'll require you to come in twice a week for monitoring. However, there is no cause for alarm. This is just to make sure there won't be alarm."

Aurora nodded. “Another two days... I’m on tender-hooks as it is!” She smiled. “I guess if you’re done with us I’ll see you then.”

"We will see you in two days Doctor." Savar answered as he escorted Aurora out of Sickbay.

{48 hours later}

Aurora literally sprung into Sickbay, 48 hours had never seemed so long. “Hi Anna, is everything okay and ready?”

Savar followed behind Aurora, silent, watching her.

Anna had the foetus ready. "I've screened for the best matching sperm cell, and I've done the modifications to the egg", she started explaining. "Genetically, the child will carry the same Betazoid half of genes that you do, Aurora. So any traits you have that are down to your Betazoid side, she will have as well. Good for planning purposes, right?" She grinned. "The element of chance comes from your side, Savar. No genetic flaws, but otherwise things have been randomised properly."

"I see Doctor." Savar replied simply as Anna explained just what was going with the foetus.

“Exactly what does the element of chance mean?” Aurora looked at Anna curiously. “I thought our baby was going to be like me where her Vulcan side was concerned? Will she have Vulcan physical attributes?”

"Yes, just not yours exactly", Anna said. "They'll come from Savar here. Else, she wouldn't be both your child. What's the point of going through all this trouble if all you wanted was a clone, Aurora?"

“Ohh no, that’s not what...” Aurora paused. “I want our baby to have Savar’s attributes, to have Vulcan attributes like I do. She should have attributes from both of us.”

"Yes, that's exactly what you're getting, but I'm not going to tell you what they will be like exactly, as far as we can determine that by genetics alone, because there should be an element of chance, of randomness", Anna said. "But rest assured, I made certain that the genetic combination will produce a healthy child, and that there will be no trouble on the genetic front down the years."

Aurora nodded. “Thank you for everything Anna, this means more than I can ever express!” She was feeling astonishingly nervous all of a sudden, that and excited.

"Then let's get started", Anna said, producing a hypospray from its hiding place. "Now, this contains a slightly larger little robot, not too dissimilar to Borg nanoprobes. It has the zygote safely protected inside it, and can travel to exactly where it needs to go to get it to nestle in your system and grow. No need to worry about the probe afterwards, it is designed to disassemble itself into organic molecules that can be absorbed by your system. No traces will be left after a day or so."

Aurora nodded. “I understand” she looked at Savar her enthusiasm, and nerves showing. “Let’s have a baby.”

Anna gave Aurora the injection. "Congratulations, you're now officially pregnant." She then handed her a PADD with things to do and to avoid. "Aaaand this is going to be your new routine." The first thing on it was a food plan, and Anna had made sure it contained all kinds of things that most people would find disgusting, including some choice Ferengi and Klingon dishes. She wondered how long it would take Aurora to complain about it.

Aurora looked at the PADD wide eyed, “All this is necessary? Or is it just there for choice?” She looked at Anna curiously. “I’m sure Savar could cook up some dishes that are just as nutritious and a lot more tasty!”

"What's wrong with snail steak?" Anna asked. "I used to have it all the time as a kid. Well, not all the time, but during the Ferengi food festival that we did every year."

“It’s great if you want me to be more sick than morning sickness will make me!” Aurora grinned a wry grin. “Let’s just say I’ll make sure I eat a balanced, nutritious diet.”

"I can definitely prepare meals that are nutritious and flavorful for Aurora that she will not get sick just thinking of them." Savar answered.

“I hope that’ll suffice Anna?” Aurora looked at Anna curiously as she sat up ready to go home with Savar. “The only place I’m going now is home to rest.”

"A wise and logical decision Aurora." Savar answered agreeing with Aurora. I can work on a menu that will not include snail steak."

Anna laughed. "Yes, I am sure you can." She tapped the PADD and flipped over the instructions to page two. "But this here is important."

The first instruction on page two said "Ignore page one."



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