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Change of Command

Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2020 @ 10:24pm by Commander Andrew Archer & Captain Thomas Devoe

Mission: Welcome Aboard!
Location: Subspace
Timeline: Current

Location: Current in route to Starbase 10


Devoe sat comfortably in the sofa in his VIP quarters in route to Starbase 10. The Capt of the USS Ferrera was being more than accommodating. =^= Bridge to Devoe =^= " Devoe here?" You have an incoming transmission from the Sunfire."=^= {That's interesting} he thought to himself. =^= Put it through =^=. *He began to sit up straight and make a good impression*

Moments later his view screen lit up with a young Dipomatic Officer at the ready. "Sir, this is Ensign Johnson. A few requests from your crew have come in. Capt Richards needed your authorization as incoming Captain. A Lt. Archer has requested to take the lead on this."

"Very well, Ensign. Patch him thought."

Archer's face appeared on the view screen. His 'rough and ready' beard had been trimmed back very neatly, and he looked every bit of a Starfleet Officer. "Captain Devoe? I'm Lieutenant Andrew Archer, Chief Science Officer."

"Pleasure to meet you," Devoe nodded, "I've had a chance to quicky read over your personnel file. You're new to the Sunfire aren't you?"

The man on the screen nodded in agreement, "Yes sir. Arrived onboard yesterday." Archer paused for a moment and observed the Captain's surroundings. "I hope I'm not intruding at a bad time, Captain."

Devoe looked around the VIP quarters. It was a huge room, complete with sheepskin rug, a king-sized bed, and velvet covered couches. "Not at all, Lieutenant. I'm always happy to talk to my crew whether I'm on shift or not."

"I'd like to request to move quarters if possible," Andrew explained, "the quarters on Deck 5 would suit my needs better as Chief Science Officer. They are only a few yards away from the science unit, and would enable me to work from my office more efficiently when not in the labs."

Devoe thought it over for a moment. "Lieutenant, I don't see a problem with that. Request granted."

Archer was visibly pleased with this result. But his smile was short-lived. "In the absence of an XO, I've been asked to arrange your arrival on the Sunfire, sir. So far the flight deck has been identified as the best option for the ceremony, and I'm a stickler for tradition in that sense. I've arranged for the senior officers and other ranking crew members to be present for your arrival, followed by formalities in the main conference room." Archer paused for a moment and wished his CO was closer so that he could read his emotions, "Are those arrangements to your liking, Captain?"

Devoe looked over the details as they uploaded to his PADD. *Some nodes here and there.* "OK, this will work. Looks good. I look forward to meet all of you. I will be very interested to see the Sunfire's approach pattern. I did a little flying for the Academy Demonstration Team you know," with a slight grin and wink. " I'm sure everything will up to snuff Lieutenant. I'm tugging your leg a tad bit. Don't be a stranger if something comes up."

"Thanks Captain, I look forward to meeting you in person. Archer out."


Captain Thomas Devoe, IDF
Incoming CO
USS Sunfire


Lieutenant Andrew Archer, IDF
Chief Science Officer
USS Sunfire


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