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There she blows!

Posted on Tue Aug 4th, 2020 @ 3:09pm by Commander Andrew Archer & Senior Chief Petty Officer Taazk

Mission: Welcome Aboard!
Location: USS Sunfire
Timeline: Present

{Main Engineering}

=/\= Archer to Taazk, that’s my part done, now let’s see you work some of that engineering magic of yours! =/\=

Taazk tapped his comm-badge “Standby.”

The Tellarite engineer rubbed his hands together and breathed in deeply. "Here goes nothing boys and girls. Greer, monitor the main chamber, make sure it's heating up at a steady pace, Taylor, check the injector ports and check they are properly aligned. I'll align and calibrate the dilithium matrix again. Move people like you have a purpose!"

This was the first crisis situation the engineering team had been in together, and Taazk doubted it would be the last. They would all be heroes if it worked or possibly space dust if it didn't! Especially with that ball of energy still on board?


Archer continued to monitor the engineering console on the main bridge. He wasn’t nervous by nature, but even he felt anxious at the moment. In fact, he could feel anxiety coming from several members of the crew.

{Main Engineering}

Minutes passed quickly with Greer and Taylor giving regular updates on their progress. This had to work Taazk thought or the ship and the Captain could be the laughing stock of the fleet. His reputation as a valued SCE member would be in ruins.


Archer hadn’t moved from his spot at the Engineering console. He could see on the console what Taazk and the team were setting up, and crossed all of his fingers that their plan would work. It was risky. It could easily cause a warp core breach or even an explosion, but it was a risk worth taking.

“Any updates from Engineering, Lieutenant?” Captain Devoe asked inpatiently.

“I’ll contact Taazk immediately, sir.” Andrew replied, before slapping his comm-badge.

{Main Engineering}

Taazk's comm-badge beeped, =/\= Archer to Taazk, how you getting on down there, you finished yet? The Captain is waiting for a status report? =/\=

The Tellarite shook his head and looked to the dilithium matrix "I'm an engineer, not Dr. Frankenstein!" he said aggressively, "Standby Bridge".

He looked at his engineering team who both gave a thumbs up!

Taazk tapped the console and the antimatter began to flow into the chamber. He hit several buttons in sequence to start the refining process to allow warp plasma to be generated. Nothing!

"Greer, temperature of the chamber?"

"Within operating parameters, sir.” He replied quickly, nervousness creeping into his voice.

"Taylor, double check the alignment of the injector ports"

"Aye sir, checking." she replied.

The Tellarite was beginning to doubt himself, was the data chip he gave to Archer configured properly? Had Archer installed the chip correctly?

More minutes ticked by and on the 7th attempt the warp core pulsed with life! "It's alive!" Taazk called, throwing his hands in the air triumphantly. Greer and Taylor both joined in the celebration.

Full power was gradually restored on the Sunfire as she came back from the brink of death. The consoles on the bridge, and the rest of the ship sprung to life. Taazk's sensitive ears thought he heard applause coming from the bridge but dismissed the notion, the Captain and bridge crew were too professional for that.

Taazk tapped his comm-badge:

“Taazk to Bridge, main power is restored, Captain. I recommend being gentle with the engines if you are going to take her for a spin anytime soon? I would like to run some diagnostics for at least an hour to make sure everything is ship shape down here and the intruder didn't do any serious damage to our systems?”

=/\= Roger that, Chief. We need to move the Sunfire away from the starbase, so we’ll be needing those engines as soon as possible. For now I’ll arrange for a tow. Well done to you and your team. Bridge out =/\=

Taazk slumped back in his chair, the kids didn't do too bad, maybe there's hope for this generation yet.


The Captain was pleased with the Engineering team for the exemplary work they had achieved in getting the warp core back online. But with Taazk and his team needing to run some tests first, he would still need to rely on ‘Ghost’ to pull them away from the station. And what would stop the electro-plasma orb from entering the warp core again? If it did, the warp core may be damaged permanently.

Archer spoke up, snapping Devoe from his current thoughts. With main power back online, Archer had been able to start scanning for the intruder almost immediately. “Captain! Internal sensors are picking up the electro-plasma orb in Sickbay!”

Devoe’s eyes widened, “Dr Sheridan...”


Chief Petty Officer Taazk
Asst. Chief Engineering Officer
USS Sunfire


Lieutenant Andrew Archer
Chief Science Officer
USS Sunfire


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