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Whatever time brings

Posted on Sun Nov 21st, 2021 @ 10:49pm by Lieutenant JG Aurora Vali & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: *CD*
Location: Quarters


With Savar’s eventual trial pending, Aurora was doing her best not to try to dwell on the troubling thought that she could loose him. She had faith that his trial would be well fought, she couldn’t think of what her future would be like without him.

She smiled as a happy gurgle came from where Sidak was lay playing on his play-mat. “Hey little man, you’re enjoying yourself there aren’t you huh?” She picked up his toy and happily started playing with her son. She knew the day would come when Sidak’s own parents might show up for him, but for now she was happy to spend whatever time she had doting on, and raising Sidak as her own.

“I wish I knew what the future held for us Sidak” She gave her little son a loving kiss. “I’d be lost without you, and your father. You both complete me, what would my life be without you both huh?”

She looked towards the door as it swished open to reveal Savar returning home. “Hey Imzadi, everything alright?”

"Hello Aurora my love. Hello Sidak. Have you been good for your mother?" Savar asked the infant before speaking and moving to Aurora who he kissed even as a hand gently caressed her cheek. "Yes. I have just returned from a meeting with Captain Kaylen. She is leaving the ship for several days with Remal to spend some time on Bajor. She wishes to look up some old friends of hers. In her absence, I have been named acting captain."

Aurora smiled. “Acting Captain, that’s good my love.” Her smile faded just a little. “I guess that means you’ll be spending extra hours doing your extra duties?”

Savar shook his head, "Not necessarily so Aurora. extra duties to be sure but it does not mean extra hours. I just need to get the duties organized and devote the appropriate time to each. Mr. Mitchell is here to help should i need it. Though i do not foresee any problems."

Aurora nodded. “Well if you need any advice you know where to find your friendly ship’s Counsellor, and advisor.” She grinned. “Would you like me to prepare dinner? I thought I’d wait until you got here to see what you’d like.”

"I am going to require your advice and insight a great deal Aurora both in regard to the crew's mood as well as our mission." Savar replied. "As for dinner, yes as for what I would like. indulge yourself Aurora. What would you like?"

Aurora paused to think. “Hmmm I think a roast dinner, complete with all the trimmings, followed by an ice cream sundae!” She grinned. “What do you think?”

"I think that is most excellent thinking Aurora. Can we have the little sprinkles atop the sundae as well? Savar asked as he had a sweet spot for ice cream.

“Most definitely!” Aurora grinned. “I’ll order extra sprinkles for yours.” She grinned as she stood up to go get dinner started. “I’ll let the two of you play while I get our dinner.”

"Thank you Aurora. You are most considerate." He turned his attention to their son, for he had come to accept Sidak as his and Aurora's son. He walked over to where Sidak was on his play mat and he got down on his knees to closer. "Hello Sidak, have you been good for your mother?" He asked as he reached a hand out to tickle his stomach.

“He’s been very good” Aurora smiled as she looked towards father and son enjoying each other’s company. “So, how long is Rhenora planning on being off ship?”

Savar looked up from his playing with Sidak to answer Aurora. "Several days at the least. She promised she would be back in time for the trial."

Aurora nodded. Just mention of the trial made her skin crawl and her heart sink. “I can’t think about that Imzadi, I just...can’t.”

Savar rose and made his way quickly to Aurora where he took her in his arms and hugged her tightly and kissed her with all the love he felt for her. "I understand Aurora. We won't mention it. Just know we will get through this together."

Aurora nodded. “No matter what, I will be strong for you and our son. You are innocent, they will come to see that!”

"You are my strength Aurora. You keep me strong. We will be strong for each other for to do otherwise shows weakness and we are not weak." Savar answered his arms still around Aurora.

Aurora nodded and hugged Savar. “We are united, nothing will tear us apart.”

"United for all eternity Aurora. Our souls are forever bound together." Savar replied as he continued to hold Aurora in his arms.

Aurora gazed into Savar’s eyes before giving him a loving kiss. “I guess I’d best be getting on with dinner.”

"There is no rush Aurora. Stay here with me and let us enjoy each other's company and conversation." Savar replied, his eyes on Aurora.

Aurora smiled and nodded. “Looks like it’s just me and you anyway” She motioned to Sidak who’d fallen asleep just at the right time.

Savar nodded, "Sidak shows remarkable timing." He said softly as he held Aurora close and walked over to the couch where they both could sit, snuggle, smooch and talk.

“Indeed he does!” Aurora grinned. “More time to ourselves at least. As much as I love being a mother, I miss our alone time.”

"I too miss our alone time Aurora. It was and is a time to reconnect to each other and to appreciate how special and fortunate we are to have each other." Savar replied with a hug.

Aurora nodded. “Well we have this time, and I’m intending on enjoying this time with you now.” She cuddled up enjoying the closeness they had.

Savar kept his arms around Aurora. "You have the most excellent ideas Aurora. I can find no fault nor do I wish to. I too enjoy our time together. It allows me to see how fortunate I am to have you as my wife."



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