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Wormhole Vision - Lost in a Memory

Posted on Wed Sep 8th, 2021 @ 11:21pm by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Mission: Gamma Quadrant
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

"Rhen!" The sharp hiss of her name drew her attention and she realised she'd been daydreaming. They were hiding near a Cardassians processing centre where several of their friends were being held. Tucked beside a ruined remnant of a farm house, obscured by some rambling thickets they watched the Cardassians come and go, biding their time, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

"Sorry" she replied, having the decency to look embarrassed.. she'd been thinking about food, cooking flatbread on the fire and the amazing smell that emanated as it did so. They hadn't had even simple flatbread for weeks. Surviving on meager portions of vegetables and whatever small animal they had been able to hunt and kill whilst avoiding detection. Her stomach rumbled, betraying her as to what she'd been daydreaming about, causing her friends to laugh quietly.

"Always with the food, we will get some more...first we need to bust Caro and Ped out. Then we can raid for food" Darj reminded, putting things into perspective. Rhenora may not have eaten for 2 days but Caro and Ped would not have eaten for nearly a week. Conditions in the processing centre were reported to be deplorable. Starvation and disease, maltreatment and death were rife. Few who went in ever emerged alive. They had busted people out before, but the spoon heads had increased their patrols and defences since. This extraction was going to take some doing. The premise was simple, the execution was less so.

Night descended across the landscape, first casting long shadows then turning everything a midnight blue as the sliver of one moon ascended. The lack of lighting made it hard to see for those that weren’t familiar with the area, but for the resistance fighters, the darker the better. Their eyes accustomed to the darkness of the caves they lived in, they flourished at night, using their acclimated night vision to their advantage. The Cardassians however still relied on flashlights and floodlights to illuminate their search area. Once the power was knocked out - it would be game on.

Pika had moved off an hour or so before dusk, getting into position and biding his time. Now that night had fallen he made his way towards the large generators, placing a small explosive device that would destroy the main power source to the processing centre. The lights would go out, hopefully the internal forcefields would as well. If not - they would deal with it as they found it.

The group waited, silent now as the crunch time approached. Rhenora checked the power cell in her weapon, grateful it was still at full power. There had been some issues lately with acquiring good power cells, half of them had been faulty leading to a number of their cell’s members being captured. Rhenora had suspected Cardassian involvement, but she couldn’t prove it either way.

In the near distance a loud explosion was coupled with the instant onset of complete darkness, the bright floodlights that lit the area around and inside the processing centre darkening as their power supply exploded. Alarms began ringing and a very dull red light could be seen emanating from inside. Damn - emergency power was still on.

“ There’s gotta be a second generator” Rhenora hissed as the team moved forward, weapons raised and armed, hoping the chaos of the explosion would cover their advance. Cardassian voices could be heard shouting, alarms shrilling against the previously still night air. Any Bajoran nearby would flee for fear of retribution, the spoon-heads would not take an attack on their facility lightly.



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