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A new hope, a new journey

Posted on Wed Jul 29th, 2020 @ 8:28pm by Captain T'Brei Sheridan

Mission: Welcome Aboard!


Lieutenant Commander T'Brei T'Ana Sheridan, took a little time off , and returned to Star Base Ten

She, looked up as Jazz, tossed her a helmet. Okay, you owe me for reacuing you from that Ferengi drunk the other night. I even pulled some strings, Queen Seven and you fighter is here, My'lady."

T'Brei, nodded, entered the flight deck change room, donned her flight suit and made her way to Jazz and the fighters.

She climbed into her ride and began pre flight checks.

Jazz preflight checks, then they both fired up their impulse engines, and waited for call to taxi out and into space.

As T'Brei's fighter revived up, she hit the black at top form and slide into wing position next to JAZZ..

They sped off to the asteroid belt and did extreme difficult maneuvers...

"Okay Jazz. You wanted to learn my maneuver. Here it comes. She pulled up. Doing a high spiraling tower star climb... Higher faster moves into the bright burst of light. Then in swift turn, sped down out and curled directly in through the smallest lane in the asteroids.

Jazz, whistled and called out. "Oh YES!!!!! " He attempts it and ends up slicing into a small asteroid. "Oh Hades, CAG is going to have my rank for launch."

T'Brei chuckled slightly and said. "We should get you back to Star Base Ten Captain Jazz Rabb."

They began their return flight, Jazzes ride sparking on the right side.

T'Brei flew around him checking for further damage.

As they journeyed back to Star Base Ten, and slide gracefully into their fighter bay hub. The mechanics rounded the open canopy of each fighter, cheering T'Brei and razzing the JAZZ man.

They left the bay changed into uniforms and walked the promenade.

Jazz stopped at the Florist and purchased yellow Rose's. Handing them to T'Brei he grinned and said. "You know what they say about Gold Wings and a dress uniform...."

T'Brei nodded. "I do Rabb. I do."


Lieutenant Commander T'Brei T'Ana Sheridan, CMO
Fighter call sign Queen.


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