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Hi Honey, I'm Home

Posted on Thu Jul 30th, 2020 @ 4:24pm by Captain Thomas Devoe

Mission: Welcome Aboard!
Location: USS Sunfire Bridge
Timeline: After the change of command ceremony


=Deck 3=

Lt Orin Thrix walked down the corridor right to the turbo lift. He knew where everything was. He had never been on an Akira Class ship before. But, he had studied them. It was one of the few things he had to do on his 3 day trip here. He knew the specs intimately. He stepped into the turbo lift. and the doors closed behind him

"Bridge" He said as the lift moved. He had not been assigned quarters yet. But he couldn't wait. He was tired, hungry, dirty, and slightly irritated. Basically the norm for most when reporting in. Then, the doors opened.


Orin stepped out onto the bridge. There were 20 or 30 people all working. Making sure the ships systems were functional and ready to take off. Nobody noticed Orin on the bridge. Everyone just went about their business. It was slightly louder then one would think a bridge usually would be. But that was normal for the circumstances. Orin cleared his throat rather loudly. A young crewman looked at him.

"The Captain is?" Orin asked.

The crewman looked at him puzzled, then pointed to the Ready Room. Orin smiled and went over. Orin rang the bell.

=Captain's Ready Room=

Tom sat quietly at his desk after a long day's journey from Ferrera to the Sunfire. The chair squeaked softly as he read the PADD.

::Door bell chimed::

*He then looked to the door and sat up straight. The chair promptly squeaked yet again.* "Ah, the squeaky chair." he muttered to himself. "Come" he said loudly. He was a bit surprised as he was expecting the Yeoman. But, found a rather muscularly build Orion in his doorway. The young Orion raised his eyebrow rather particular, it was almost signature in nature. {Can you smell, what the Orins are cooking?} He thought to himself.

"Please come in. I'm Captain Thomas Devoe, your host and Captain," as he extended his hand to the Lieutenant.

The Lt. approached the Captain's desk. He stood perfectly to attention. "Lt. Orin Thrix reporting as ordered to assume the position of Marine Division XO, SIR!" He barked.

Devoe nodded and meet his stance *and returned his salute* "verywell Lt. Please take a seat."

::at that moment a large energy spike hit the ready room::

Orin meet it gaze head on and was struck by the being. Orin was launched into the wall with enough force to knock him out cold.

The ball of energy stared Devoe in what appeared to be eye to eye contact, before it bolted away into a computer console. Tom stood for a moment to take in what had just occurred.

+taps comm badge+
"Devoe to Medical! I Need a medical team to the ready room now!"


Captain Thomas Devoe, IDF
Commanding Officer
USS Sunfire


OK, this is the kick off. This thing will cause power fluctuations all over the ship. Does it come visit you??


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