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Posted on Tue Aug 3rd, 2021 @ 2:20am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Mission: Gamma Quadrant
Location: Sunfire

Captain Kaylen Rhenora gripped the arms of her command chair as the Sunfire lined up for the Bajoran Wormhole. It still grated ever so slightly that it was referred to as the 'wormhole' not the Celestial Temple but she couldn't hold the stellar cartographers to ransom over her religious beliefs. It still had the word 'Bajoran' in there at least. She smiled a little at her own inner dialogue before turning her attention to the viewscreen in front of her, the brilliance of blue and white that would erupt at any given moment like a blooming flower.

"DS9 are reporting ready, we have clearance for docking at upper pylon 3" Ops reported as the wormhole bloomed into existence. It made Rhenora's heart sing as it displayed its brilliance, the swirling colours the residence of her people's Prophets.

The Sunfire slid effortlessly inside the gaping maw, this time without the brutal ride they had experienced previously. The travel time between the two quadrants was only a few moments, it was still a memorable time each and every trip, at least for the ship's Captain.

As they exited the Alpha Quadrant stars graced the viewscreen, DS9 hanging slightly to the side of the wormhole as a guardian and steward of both quadrants. Bajor appeared slightly below, the green and blue orb a symbol of hope and future. Rhenora couldn't help but picture Remal's partially rebuilt cottage, the crashing waves and clear skies that graced that region.

" Initiating docking procedures" Ops stated again as the ship approached DS9 and positioned itself near the docking pylon. Once the ship was docked the crew would be given a few days leave as the DS9 technicians worked their magic. A blessed few days of peace and restoration after a grueling few weeks.

"All crew stand day and begin shore leave rotations" The Captain smiled as she stood from the centre chair, heading for the turbolift and to her beloved cabin by the beach.


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