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On my way

Posted on Sat Sep 17th, 2022 @ 10:27am by Lieutenant JG Blake Leone
Edited on Mon Sep 19th, 2022 @ 10:35am

Blake looked at the grave. Janice Leone had been a great woman. She had been the sole mediator in the civilized warzone she had grown up in. Blake sighed. It hadn't been easy to get into the town to come here.

"I'm going to my first assignment soon. The USS Sunfire", she told the only mother she had ever known. Well aware that there wasn't going to be an answer, Blake found it important to say goodbye. "I know you did your best here, but sadly things have only escalated in this town you used to love so much. The loss of you has been felt everywhere", she said.

With a sigh she said "I better get going. Thank you for everything, Mom", with that she headed down to the stream that ran not far from the grave. Janice had been buried under the biggest oak tree in the area, which, luckily for Blake, was near the stream and easier to get to than the graveyard.

She followed the stream for 3 miles, leaving the town behind for the last time, she hoped. She had rented a room in the next town over, to be able to visit Janice's grave. At her rented room, she packed what few things she had. Mostly Janice's jewelry, a few of the woman's books, and Blake's own favorite books.

"This is it", she murmured to herself as she left the inn. "Time to get out there".


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