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Captain's Personal Log

Posted on Wed Aug 3rd, 2022 @ 10:53am by Captain Rhenora Kaylen

Captain's personal log

As I sit here I wonder how everything could have gone so wrong. We gambled, and it is costing us greatly. What was a routine distress call regarding a malfunctioning weather network has already cost forty thousand civilian lives and most likely those of the away teams as well. We have been unable to contact either the master weather station where Savar's team have been trapped and are now in a decaying orbit towards the planet, nor the team we sent down to the planet, consisting of Remal and Dr Wilson. My heart aches to think that they are lost forever but I have no time to dwell in my own guilt or misery. We are in a race to save what's left of the planet, to remedy the damage done by the virus and restore some sense of normality to those that are left.

I dare not stop working, I fear if I do I will crumble into as many pieces as my heart has broken into. I dare not even stop long enough to be checked by the medical staff, their compassionate expressions are simply too much. There will be a time for grief, for mourning those we have lost but until that time this planet, and this crew need my strength, and my courage to see them through this disaster. After that time, my world will crumble for as long as I have time to let it.


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