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a new start for a Trill Security

Posted on Wed Jul 22nd, 2020 @ 10:16pm by Lieutenant Kedzi Direx

=/\= Crew Quarters =/\=

Kedzi was getting situated after she found her crew quarters from one of the Sunfire Security they also helped her which was nice of them.
After all of Kedzi's stuff was brought in she looked around and smiled as she thought of some decorating ideas for her new home.
She knew soon she'd have to check in with her Security chief to report in and whatnot. Kedzi went to the ship's computer, and asked for a glass of white wine, she wanted to celebrate her
day aboard a new ship USS-Sunfire.
Kedzi got her wine and started drinking it. She was hungry too so she asked the ship's computer for a cheeseburger Extra cheese.
and that's what Kedzi got she sat down by a table enjoyed her Wine and cheeseburger the whole time.


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