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Meeting the Captain

Posted on Sat Nov 7th, 2020 @ 6:58pm by Captain T'Brei Sheridan & Ensign William Bailey

Mission: Sunfire Station Keeping Starbase 247
Location: Captain's Office SB 247B
Timeline: Current


T'Brei looked up from her reports, the large temporary offices on Star Base 247B, were great for meeting the crew and officers. She awaited the second in command to arrive.

Tag Lt. Cdr. Bailey

Sorry I am late Captain Got a little side tracked. Tucking back in his uniform Looking over his Paper work. 2XO
I was told by StarFleet I was being given an XO position I turned down shore leave for this me poor mother wanted. To see my back in Ireland.

T'Brei looked over his paper work PADD. "I see someone dropped the Second in Command, when sending you, your orders. It happens more than you think. Officers typing in orders or verbally sending order communique to official MOS PADD's
But I requested a Second in Command, I am waiting for the XO to arrive as well. You are not late, Lieutenant Commander Bailey, your quarters are assigned to you here at the Star Base, our ship is in the hands of the Engineers. I apologize for the clerical error within your official MOS duty PADD."

"It's alright captain this aint the first time this has happened to ole William Bailey I been in star fleet many yrs and captain thank you for this opportunity proud to be aboard/such a vessel .

The Captain nodded. " You are officially logged in as Second In Command, you have time to familiarize yourself on Ship's systems. And, this Star Base also affords one many opportunities whilst waiting for the Sunfire 's upgrades and repairs to be completed. ".

William nods I will make sure all is ready for take off Captain will make sure to get report have on desk in a few hours .

"Very good." She prepared for the Senior brief.


OOC This takes place before Senior briefing.


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