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Lux perspective..

Posted on Wed Oct 7th, 2020 @ 6:58pm by Captain T'Brei Sheridan
Edited on on Wed Oct 7th, 2020 @ 8:54pm

Mission: Sunfire Station Keeping Starbase 247
Location: Starbase 247B


I have new updates which I shall impart in a Officer brief, here on Starbase 247

We are assigned to investigate strange occurrences happening around the space for two light years around Starbase 247B.

I am in constant meetings with the Commodore of this base, and she has no clue what is happening. We can verify that three Romulan science vessels disappeared near a quandary star cluster known as halo star. I have a theory that it was not a natural occurrence, these disappearance s, and yet with the charts of extreme ionic River fluxes...... anything is possible.

As i log this report, I am confident we shall find causation and affect curative measures.

Captain T'Brei T'Ana Sheridan, In Command.


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