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The Duck is Back!

Posted on Tue May 24th, 2022 @ 6:57am by Lieutenant Anna S. Thesia M.D. & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: *CD*

Right after meeting the skipper, Anna tracked down Savar. Seeing him walking in front of her, she picked up her pace to catch up. "Hi Savar", she greeted him before coming to a stop next to him. "Remember me?" She grinned.

Savar stopped at the sound of the familiar voice. His eyes widening fractionally at the sight of Anna standing next to him. The corners of his mouth turned up as he spoke. "Dr. Thesia, of course I remember you. It is most agreeable to see you again. Can I deduce that your presence means you are resuming your duties of Chief Medical Officer here on the Sunfire?"

"I am indeed, and I'm happy to do so", Anna said while nodding. "How have you and Aurora been while I was on Cardassia, trying not to eat too much dust?" If it hadn't been for transporter filters, she felt she might have taken half of Cardassia's soil off-world with her.

"Excellent. We can use your experience in sickbay. As for Aurora and myself, we are doing well. Aurora in particular has been anxiously awaiting your return." Savar answered.

"Anxiously?" Anna wondered. "I'm not sure what to make of that. If she's doing well, why would she be anxious about this?" She decided to have a little fun with Savar. "She's not worried I'll mess things up, is she?"

Savar arched an eyebrow at Anna's banter but refused to sigh. "Indeed, she is not. Though she knows your knack for creating chaos." Savar teased back. "Rather, she is anxious doctor for she wishes to know have you heard anything in regard to us having a child."

"You're having a child?" Anna asked. "No, I haven't heard about that. Which option did you decide on in the end?" She remembered having talked to them at length about the different options there were to having a child with second generation mixed species parents.

Savar shook his head, "No Doctor, I misspoke. Rather Aurora was waiting for your return so you could go over different options for us in having a child and then we could move forward."

Anna blinked. "I'd have thought whoever replaced me as ship's surgeon would have done that with you. But of course, I'm happy to do that."

Savar shook his head slowly. "No, your thought is misplaced. No one followed through with exploring and discussing options. So you can understand why Aurora is most anxious to see and meet with you."

Anna nodded. "Well, I've been known to misplace thoughts occasionally. I've got so many of them, sometimes I run out of space to keep them, or arrange them neatly." She smiled at Savar. "I'll seek her out as soon as I've made sure that sickbay is in working order."

Savar nodded, "I shall let Aurora know. She will be most pleased to see you again just as I am. In addition she will like to discuss with you and go over options to conceive a child." He paused before adding, "You have been missed Doctor." He said sincerely.

"That is good to know", Anna smiled. It was always good to be appreciated, and Savar wasn't one to compliment people lightly. "I hope people will keep missing me whenever there's shooting to be done, though."

"Indeed, a most wise and profound philosophy to employ. I too hope you are missed if there is any shooting." Savar replied. "It would be most unfortunate to have to heal the healer."

"I'm fairly good at healing myself", Anna said. "But it's still not something I look forward to." She waved. "I've got to get going. I'll see you around."

"I have no doubt of that." Savar quipped. "Doctor.... Anna." he corrected, "I would like you to join Aurora and myself for dinner once you have settled in. A dinner among friends. We would be honored if you would agree."

"I would love to", Anna said. "As soon as I return from Bajor? I've just learnt there's an opportunity that I can spend a few days there before we'll leave."

"Of course Doctor. That will be most satisfactory. Have a good time and enjoy yourself. Aurora and I will see you when you return," Savar replied graciously.

Anna gave Savar a small bow. "I'll see if I can find something nice to bring back from Bajor too."

Savar inclined his head, "As you wish Doctor. As long as you return unharmed."

"Savar, I'm half Minaran. I'll be fine. Eventually." Anna thought that he might not even know about her abilities to recover from injuries. Maybe he thought her foolish for being so little concerned for personal danger?

"Forgive me Doctor. You are correct. I know you will be fine. Go and enjoy yourself."

"Thank you." Anna said. "Now I'll have to go find Aurora." She showed him her toy duck. "She'll think I'm quackers when this walks in on her. Don't tell her I'm coming."

"I shall keep quiet." Savar replied. "You may surprise Aurora at your discretion Doctor."

"Before long, Savar, you'll think this ship has been turned into a floating asylum", Anna snickered. "Might want to instruct the engineers to start lining the walls with padding."

"I shall pass your suggestion on Doctor though I cannot guarantee the enthusiasm it will met with." Savar replied with a smirk.

"Just remind them that inertial dampeners can and do fail", Anna winked.

"I shall do so 'Captain' Thesia." Savar bantered back.

Anna laughed. "If you want the ship to stay in one piece, don't ever put me in the centre seat."

"I will endeavor to remember that." Savar answered. In truth it was good to have Anna back. She had been sorely missed.


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