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A new calling

Posted on Wed Apr 13th, 2022 @ 4:41pm by Commander Finchley Kerr & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen & Lieutenant Niali Korial MD

Mission: *CD*
Location: Ready Room, USS Sunfire
Timeline: Current.

Finchley held the PADD in his hand, and looking round at Niali, he gave her a warm smile and said "Are you ready?"

For a moment Niali reached out and squeezed his hand, then nodded.

Reaching out and pressing the chime to announce someone was waiting outside the Ready Room, then stood back.

Savar sat at his desk, he was reflecting on Aurora's punishment as well as House's when his chime sounded. "Enter." He called out and waited to see who graced his doorway.

The doors opened, Finchley and Niali both stepped inside. Walking up to the desk, Finchley said "Sorry to interrupt you Captain, but there's something we both need to tell you Sir."

Niali took a deep breath. “Captain I am here to inform you of my transfer from the position of Chief Medical Officer aboard the Sunfire to the Polaris team, effective immediately.”

"I'm also here to inform you Sir that, effective immediately, I'm being transferred off of the Sunfire to the same Polaris team as well. Both the orders come from Admiral Jackson, Captain, and have been confirmed" Finchley said.

He handed over to Savar the PADD with both of their official transfer orders from Admiral Jackson.

Savar looks at both the officers as he takes the PaDD from Kerr. "The Polaris team?" He questions.

"Yes Sir" Finchley replied "It's part of Section Twenty, Starfleet Intelligence. Unfortunately Captain, given the circumstances of it's service, and under orders from Admiral Jackson, I can't elaborate to much, but what I can say though is that they are...working along similar lines of the remit to find out what's happening in the Gamma Quadrant.

Savar listened as Kerr spoke, when he finished he replied. "Commander spare me the cloak and dagger as you wish to make everything more secretive than it appear to be." He paused and continued. "I am sorry you both are leaving as you both are superior and valuable officers who will be greatly missed."

"Actually Sir, I'm not sparing you anything, I'm following standard Starfleet Intelligence protocol" Finchley replied "you insult my personal intelligence making an insinuation such as that. Remarks, such as those you've just made, are the kind that drive a wedge between the two Starfleet divisions. It's unbecoming of an officer of your rank, and it's unbecoming of someone such as yourself, a person I have held in such high esteem, I thought you better than that Captain. I will thank you for your latter kind remarks though Sir, may I have the PADD back please Sir?" Finchley replied, holding out his hand, all the while finding it astonishing Savar had made such an emotional, for him seemingly to Finchley, outburst.

Niali spoke to try to defuse the atmosphere. “Captain I hope I have left your sickbay much improved. I am sure Dr Wilson will continue to do an excellent job as she had been doing before. To be honest I have not felt valuable to this ship or her crew. I hope your next CMO feels differently. Thank you for all you, yourself have done.”

Finchley looked at Niali and said "You did a fantastic job Niali, under difficult circumstances, I for one have very much valued your input and attention to duty here on the Sunfire, it's why Intel have asked you to join the Polaris team."

He looked back round at Savar, his hand still extended to receive back the PADD.

Savar turned his gaze to Niali. "You were and are valued Doctor, by me, Aurora and the crew, however I am sorry you feel as you do. I wish you well in your new endeavor." He turned back to Kerr handing him the PaDD. "I wish you well also Commander. I hope it is what you think it will be."

"Thank you Sir, I wish you and the crew well to, it's been a privilege to have served with you" Finchley replied, taking the PADD back.

As was his custom to a Senior Officer as he departed from their company, he bowed slightly at the hip, and briefly nodded his head. He turned to Niali, smiled and offered for her to leave the Ready Room first.

Their next adventure awaited them...



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