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How the Dice Rolls

Posted on Thu Apr 7th, 2022 @ 10:46pm by Commander Jennifer Baldric

Mission: *CD*
Location: Baldric's Quarters

Commander Jennifer Baldric sat quietly in her quarters, absorbed in an old fashioned book with some Klingon Opera wafting through the sound system within the small rooms. Sadly she wasn't game enough to play it at all volume, even Starfleet walls couldn't quite handle the tenacity of the Klingons when it came to music and she didn't entirely want sound complaints going to the Captain. She didn't want anything on her record, not even a minor tarnish at the moment. It was the monthly meeting back at Starfleet Command, where those that had the power met to decide who got the power in the next round of command evaluations. Jenn was nervous, she knew her name was on the list for the small number of Captaincies the fleet had available.

The book lingered in her fingers, the same page not really read nor paid attention to as her mind wandered with the crescendo and diminico of the music. Would there be a Command position for her? Would she sit in the left hand chair even? Experienced officers were thin on the ground and with the fleet severely compromised after the war effort those that were able were being promoted, possibly before their time or experience would normally allow them to be. Now was the time to step up and be noticed, to achieve her dream of command.

The computer on her workdesk bleeped to indicate an incoming message. It could only be one thing - her future. With trepidation she approached it, sitting and pausing for a moment before activating the message. As expected it was command, but it wasn't exactly what she wanted.

'To - Commander J.Baldric - USS Sunfire.

You are requested and required to transfer from the USS Sunfire to the USS Blaxland to assume the position of First Officer under the command of Captain Hillbrich.

Signed - Admiral K'tara - Starfleet Command.'

As the Starfleet emblem replaced the words Jennifer sat back against the high backed chair, exhaling slowly. It wasn't exactly what she wanted, but that wasn't entirely surprising either. She had hoped for Command, but XO was the next best thing and if she could prove herself there, Captaincy was the only place to go. Still - it would mean moving on from her new found friends here and starting again. Such was the life of an up and coming flag officer.


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