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Temporary reassignment.

Posted on Fri Apr 1st, 2022 @ 3:12am by Commander Finchley Kerr & Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: *CD*
Location: Captain's Ready Room, USS Sunfire
Timeline: Current.

Finchley walked with purpose towards the CO's Ready Room, PADD in hand, Taking a moment, he reached out and pressed the chime and then waited on a reply.

From inside the ready room, Savar's cool voice rang out. "Enter!"

The doors opened and Finchley walked into the room. Walking across to Savar's desk, he stopped a respectful distance from the desk and said "Thank you for seeing me at such short notice Sir."

Quite alright Mr. Kerr. I know you would not come see me unless it was a matter of importance." Savar answered smoothly.

"Captain, Sentinel One has requested my temporary reassignment back to Starfleet Intelligence...on a matter that, well, it's somewhat broad in it's parameters. Sir, there's something else, there's a part to the mission that is well outside of my sphere of understanding, but one of our crew here on the Sunfire has much experience, it's in xenobiology. Captain, I'd like to ask your permission to take Doctor Korial along, it's her area of expertise. Sentinel One have agreed, albeit reluctantly, to have her temporarily reassigned along with myself and CWO Karadis. Karadis is an all terrain and infiltration expert, much better than myself. They've said that the final decision is yours as we're currently assigned here, but, as an...incentive, they'll see to it the Sunfire is prioritised for repairs and certain 'upgrades' will be issued as a thank you."

He offered the PADD he was carrying to Savar, saying "The upgrades they're offering are on here Sir..."

Savar listened as Finchley spoke, remaining quiet until he had finished. "How long is this mission going to last Mr. Kerr. I do not like being without our Chief Medical Officer and Chief Strategic Operations Officer."

"Hopefully not to long Captain, unfortunately, as with a mission of this type, I can't give an exact timescale Sir, sorry" Finchley replied. He withdrew his hand after handing the PADD over, and added "I can say that the USS Patterson is involved in this Sir, and I'm sure Captain Anderson would gladly rendezvous with the Sunfire and transfer us back here once we've completed our mission."

Savar took the PaDD and his eyes glanced over upgrades that were being offered. "Impressive." He said after a moment. he placed the PaDD to one side to look at Kerr. "Not long is not an answer Mr. Kerr. I understand you cannot tell me the exact time or day but a more specific time frame would be appreciated."

"I would say, three weeks Sir, possibly four, depending on how far we have to travel and how much time we spend on each planet" Finchley replied honestly.

"So, a month perhaps a little less." Savar muses as he thinks of being without the ship's CMO and Chief Strategic Officer along with the absent Captain Kaylen. "I am not enthusiastic about this Commander but I see few options without making a scene. Therefore I reluctantly approve a temporary reassignment for you, Dr. Korial and Chief Karadis."

"Thank you Captain, this is much appreciated" Finchley replied "If we can expedite the process, we'll certainly try. I'll go and brief the Doctor and Chief now."

He bowed slightly and nodded his head, turned and left the Ready Room. The reassignment had started in earnest, but where would it lead them, and what would they find...


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