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When a spook gets spooked.

Posted on Sun Nov 28th, 2021 @ 12:21am by Commander Finchley Kerr

Mission: Gamma Quadrant
Location: Chief Strategic Operations officers office.
Timeline: Current.

Finchley hurried from the turbolift to his office, as he rushed passed Karadis who was in the outer room he said "In my office, now!"

Karadis left her desk and entered the office and stopped saying "What?"

"Stay in here and don't say a word, understood" Finchley said, "not a word, schtume, go it?"

"Ok, ok, put the fire out, not a word" Karadis replied, miming zipping her mouth over.

"Computer, seal room, stop all recording and surveillance devices, authorization Kerr Omega Papa six three two Delta." Finchley said, then turned to Karadis and replied "We're contacting Sentinel One."

Karadis eyes widened, now she understood why he asked for silence.

~Authorisation accepted, room sealed, all recording and surveillance devices stopped~ the computer replied.

Entering his personal Intelligence Operations code, he opened a secure channel "This is Commander Finchley Kerr to Sentinel One, I'm requesting to speak with the duty officer."

After a short pause, a voice replied "This is Captain Adams."

"Sir, this is Commander Finchley Kerr, Chief Strategic Operations Officer on the USS Sunfire" Finchley began "formerly Strategic Operations Officer in Section Twenty, code named 'Ironhorse', authorization Kerr Omega Papa six three two Delta."

Again there was a pause, longer this time, then Adams replied "Authorisation accepted, how can I help you Commander?"

"Sir, the USS Patterson logs, for her current mission, I'd like to check over them" Finchley replied.

"That's an unusual request Commander, especially given it's still an active mission" Adams replied.

"Yes Sir, I realise that, however, certain information in those logs could pertains to the current mission of the Sunfire" Finchley said.

Once more there was a pause before Adams replied "Is there something specific you're looking for Commander?"

"Yes Sir, the interrogation logs of the Senior Officers recently taken from the Cardassian ship Arngard by the USS Patterson. You'll see from my file I'm a Level Nine operative Captain Adams, meaning I have the clearance to view the information" Finchley replied.

"This is rather irregular Commander, however, given your clearance I can let you see some of the interrogation files, not all."

"Some of the files?" Finchley asked "Why not all of them?" he added.

"The interrogation of the prisoners isn't yet complete Commander, hence you can view some of them" Adams replied, beginning to sound agitated on being questioned by a subordinate Officer.

Finchley reigned in his frustration and replied "Thank you Sir, I'll be grateful for what you can give me."

"The files are 'read only', you're not able to download any of them Commander" Adams said.

"Understood Sir, and thank you" Finchley replied. Soon the information was flowing across the screen, and Finchley pulled Karadis towards him gently and motioned for her to read as he did.

At the end of the files, Finchley said "Thank you Captain Adams, this has been very helpful, it's very much appreciated, Commander Kerr out."

He closed the link, and looked at Karadis saying "Well, now looks like we have something to go on with the Cardassians. I better get this information to Captain Savar.

Karadis nodded in agreement, but still didn't speak.

"Computer, unseal this room, begin all recording and surveillance again, authorization Kerr Omega Papa six three three Delta."

~Authorisation accepted room unsealed, all recording and surveillance recommenced~

Finchley silently ushered Karadis out of the office, and once outside he said to her "Say nothing of this till I call you, ok?"

"Yes Sir" Karadis replied, going back to her desk.

Finchley hurried from his offices and hurried back towards the turbolift, he had to see Savar quickly.


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