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And so it Begins

Posted on Tue Nov 9th, 2021 @ 7:16am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Ronson Mitchell

Mission: Gamma Quadrant
Location: Yeoman's Quarters

Chief Ronson Mitchell stared in disbelief at the monitor before him, it contained an 'Attention all crew' shipwide notification detailing the change in commend. The Captain had sited personal reasons to relinquish the Sunfire to the now Captain Savar and head down to the planet to do... something that wasn't explained.

His gut twisted, knotting within itself at the thought of his CO putting herself, her husband and her small charge in danger on a whim, but if she was indeed doing such a thing - there would be a damned good reason. This ship was her home, she'd gone through hell to get it back and now only a few months on she was giving it up for some personal issue on Bajor?

Something didn't seem right, he pulled up the message and read it again, trying to get into her head, trying to understand why she would take such drastic action and leave the ship to carry on without her. Was she feeling that space was too dangerous? Her track record in that regard was less than stellar but her track record on Bajor was worse again. She seemed to have a knack for finding trouble and diving head first into it.

Frustrated he rose, looking forlornly at the elaborate coffee set up he had taken years to develop in order to better serve his Captain. She adored the bitter substance, and he swore it was a food group to her sometimes. It kept her going, got her though the bad times, and reminded her of the good ones.

Ronson knew that Savar preferred tea, Vulcan tea no less and whilst he was rusty, the Chief knew he could rapidly reacquaint himself with the millenia old practice of brewing the perfect cup of tea. His job was to serve, it didn't really matter who, and so serve he would.


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