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Just a little cramped

Posted on Sat Aug 1st, 2020 @ 9:13pm by Commander Andrew Archer
Edited on on Sat Aug 1st, 2020 @ 9:17pm

Mission: Welcome Aboard!
Location: USS Sunfire
Timeline: Present


{Main Engineering}

Taazk had somehow managed to avert disaster by working some of his engineering magic on the warp core. It was still working at only 14% output, but at least it wasn’t going to breach anymore.

The glowing orb of electro-plasm had left the warp core a few moments earlier, and had jumped into another diagnostics console, seemingly gone.

The Tellarite had come up with an idea to ‘jump start’ main power due to all conventional methods failing thus far. It involved him attacking the problem from engineering, and someone else working on the solution on the main bridge. However, any volunteer would need to understand that with the turbolifts currently offline, it would mean a 12-deck journey through the jefferies tubes.

Archer volunteered, knowing the crawl through the tubes would be gruelling, but he needed to do it if the Sunfire’s main power could be restored. Taazk handed the science officer a pre-programmed chip that he needed to interface with the engineering console on the bridge, and wished him luck.

Andrew climbed the ladder in main engineering up one deck, and entered the jefferies tube. It was almost pitch black, and he had to blink several times and allow his eyes to adjust before fully crawling in. The wrist-torch he had picked up attached easily enough around his head and he switched it on. “That’s better,” he smiled to himself nervously, “at least I can see the bulkheads before I crawl into them!”

Having ascended several decks, the wrist-torch started to dim. He took the torch off his head and gave it a slap, hoping the whack might give him enough time to get to the bridge. But it didn’t help at all. The torch slowly faded further until it died completely. It was pitch black again.

Archer was suddenly aware that he could feel his heart beating in his chest. It was thumping quite aggressively. His mouth became dry and his palms became incredibly sweaty. He’d always suffered with a touch of claustrophobia, but this was really going to test him. The nearest exit hatch was either one deck below him, or two decks above him. His breathing suddenly increased to a pant, and he tried his best to calm himself down before panic completely took over.

Without warning, the shining orb of light appeared through the floor of the jefferies tube. It hung in the air in front of Archer.

For a moment, Archer thought he could feel an emotional response coming from the orb of electro-plasm. Some sentience... perhaps even some empathy towards Archer’s current situation.

The ball of light slowly moved forward through the tube, illuminating the way for the science officer to continue his journey through the bowels of the starship.

Soon afterwards, the man reached the main bridge. The ball of light zipped away again, having seemingly come to the rescue of the stricken officer. Archer opened the last access hatch and crawled out and onto the main bridge.

Captain Devoe stood over him, his arms crossed.

“Sir, I need to get this pre-programmed chip interfaced with the engineering console.” Archer explained, getting to his feet and straightening his uniform at the same time. “CPO Taazk should then be able to bring main power back online.”

The Captain bowed his head, “By all means, Lieutenant, continue.”

Archer crossed over the dimly-lit bridge and place the chip near the engineering console. He then inputted his access codes and slipped the chip into one of the data input slots.

The man tapped his comm-badge; =/\= Archer to Taazk, that’s my part done; now let’s see you work some of that engineering magic of yours! =/\=


Lieutenant Andrew Archer
Chief Science Officer
USS Sunfire


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