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Through The Looking Glass

Posted on Mon Sep 13th, 2021 @ 1:26pm by Commander Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen

Mission: Gamma Quadrant
Location: Sunfire Bridge
Timeline: Current

The USS Sunfire had departed Deep Space Nine and was about to enter the wormhole once again. Savar sat in the XO's chair. Captain Kaylen was in the center seat and Aurora sat to the left of the captain. As the ship slid into the wormhole it was engulfed in a brilliant white light and Savar found himself standing in an all white room? He couldn't tell. All he could see, for as far as he could see was white.

A disembodied voice greeted him. Whether it was in his head he wasn't sure. "Welcome Savar of Vulcan. We are here to help you."

Help me? I was not aware I need help." Savar replied.

"So logical, so proud. You do need help or at least guidance." The voice countered.

"Guidance in what regard?" Savar pressed.

"Your upcoming trial. You are worried about your wife and what would happen if you are separated. Is that not so?"

"It is. I love Aurora very much. She is my soulmate." Savar answered truthfully.

"Your trial will be hard. You will endure much. Your name will be dragged through the mud. You will be accused of murder most foul. We are here to tell you, to stay strong, believe in yourself as your wife believes in you. It will be difficult but you will prevail if you do not lose faith." The voice finished.

"I shall. For Aurora." Savar answered.

"No. For yourself Savar of Vulcan. You must stay strong for yourself and never doubt yourself. Only then can you and your wife stay together and have the child you both crave."

"We will have a child then?" Savar questioned.

"In time you will have the family you both desire. Remember, Savar of Vulcan. Do not doubt yourself." The voice repeated. Then it was over and Savar was back on the bridge of the Sunfire. There was Captain Kaylen and Aurora as well as the rest of the bridge officers.

Savar blinked, was it a dream? A vision? He did not know. He only knew he would not discount it. It had given him renewed strength to carry on. He had to for Aurora and himself and their future family.


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