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Change of command ceremony

Posted on Tue Jul 28th, 2020 @ 4:39am by Captain Thomas Devoe & Lieutenant Commander T'Brei Sheridan & Lieutenant Commander Sandy "Ghost" Shannon & Commander Andrew Archer & Lieutenant Noa Modi

Mission: Welcome Aboard!
Location: Sunfire main hanger Bay
Timeline: After Orlando lands & before CMO joint post

Location: Main Hanger Bay


As the Orlando's landing skids touched the deck. Ensign Masters shutdown and secured flight operations. "Safe and sound Captain." Devoe awaited as the shuttle doors opened to reveal the ceremony gathering. He was meet by Ensign Johnson, the outgoing Skippers Aid. "Right this way sir. Capt. Richards is waited at the head table." As they walked he noticed a young Lt. {Ah, yes, that must be Archer. The man I spoke to the other day. Let's see if his Betazoid senses are tingling}.

Archer stood to attention, wanting to impress his new Commanding Officer. He was far from what some people might class as a ‘brown nose’, but he gave respect where respect was due. The Captain had obviously climbed the ranks over the years, and if Starfleet felt he warranted the respect of the crew, that was good enough for Archer. “Captain Devoe, good to meet you in person at last.” Archer extended a hand.

Tom gripped the Lieutenant’s hand tightly and pulled him closer. He almost whispered, his eyes narrow; “Tell me Archer; do you know what I’m thinking right this second?”

“I’m thinking you’re pulling my leg, sir.” the Lieutenant replied, “I think you want to test out my Betazoid empathic powers..?”

Tom’s features softened and he let out a laugh. “Damn Archer, you’re good! We’ll talk later!” and with a quick wink, the Captain carried on.

As the Captain passed, Archer got a strong emotional sense from Devoe. It was a positive emotion. A very proud and... almost excitable feeling. There was some nervousness, understandably. But the main emotion he felt coming from the Captain was pride. Archer smiled at this.

"Captain John Richards a pleasure as always," as the two shook hands. John smiled "I'm leaving Sunfire in good hands. I see. The crew will serve you well."


Noa had been in her quarters for all of three minutes when Archer announced for the senior staff to head to the flight deck. After a quick check to ensure that she didn’t look as frazzled as she felt, she grabbed her PADD from her duffel and headed for the turbolift that she was in a few minutes ago.



Stepping onto the flight deck, Noa looked around to see what she could see. Richards was easy to spot, he was the outgoing captain and more than a few people stopped or motioned in his direction. Devoe was also easy to spot too.

She had skimmed his record when she was inbound to the ship. A fleet kid, like her, and a bit of a polymath, also like her. He gave off a tough but fair vibe. Didn’t hurt that he wasn’t hard to look at either. Noa gave herself half a minute to take a good look, since it was the only one she’d actually take in that manner, before shutting down that train of thought completely.

Sucking in a deep breath, Noa figured that there was no time like the present to meet her new CO.

“Captain… And Captain. Noa Modi, the new Chief Diplomatic Officer,” she said, introducing herself to both captains at the same time. Because, why not?

For the next few minutes Tom felt like celebrity. "Lt. Modi, a please to meet you."

Lt. Archer then walked down the line and spoke clearly, introducing each officer. Head nods and some pleasantries are exchanged. "We are still waiting for several crewmen and officers to arrive Sir, including the Chief Engineer and Chief Security Officer. I have been informed by Starfleet Command they are, on-route".

Standing at attention, dress uniform spotless, T'Brei waited as the new Captain came nearer. She could smell night jasmine and wondered *did I inadvertly use to much cologne?* She could sense the butterflies. Her Koliner Teacher explained it was illogical and all in her mind. Yet, the shy T'Brei did not know how to quell the storm.

"Captain, I am Doctor T'Brei Sheridan CMO, it has been my honor to arrive early, to get all Medical departments condition green before the ship embarks with her new Command and staff." The CMO said quietly, and knowing strict SF protocols.... did not extend her hand to a Senior Officer.. The shy CMO, looked up at the Captain, waiting for him, the Senior Officer to extend his hand.

*Devoe extended his hand* "Excellent Doctor, I look forward to seeing the new Medical Facilities. I understand there several upgrades made."

She Nodded "Indeed, there were."

Sandy stepped from her office onto the flight deck and saw the crew milling about. The ceremony had not begun yet so she made her way over to the captain. "Excuse me sir, Lt. Sandy "Ghost" Shannon, your new CAG," she said extending her hand in greeting. Sensing nothing but honor and strength of mind, she smiled widely.

"Oh, so your the one I hear stories about. All good I promise." As he smiled and shook hands with her. He and Archer moved swiftly found there way to the steps of the stage. "Well Lt. this is my stop." The two parted as Devoe and the Commodores Aid took there places.

As the ceremony began the ships flag was about to pass historically from one commander to the next. "Captain Thomas William Devoe, do you accept command of the USS Sunfire?" As Richards was holding the flag. Devoe replied "Sir, I accept the command of USS Sunfire." Richards the responded "very well, the ship is yours to command," and Devoe accepted the flag from the outgoing CO. It was at that moment the ships computer switched and sounded via the IMC. "Captain Thomas William Devoe, is Captain of USS Sunfire." The attendees applauded.

Archer clapped along with the congregation of crew that had gathered in the hanger bay. He felt nothing but positivity coming from the Captain at that very moment. These were going to be very interesting times on the Sunfire, and Archer was glad that he was here to experience it.

The Captain nods and turns to the assembled crew and smiles. "Thank you. I look forward to serving with you all, dismissed".

Archer turned to his left as the congregation started making its way back out into the corridors, and saw Taazk. “Hey, what do you make of our new CO?” He spoke quietly.

Taazk shrugged his shoulders, and in a typical Tellarite way said, “He’s the Captain. We follow where he leads I guess.”

The Captain turned to leave the hanger deck, off to survey his new command.

Lieutenant Commander T'Brei, makes her way from the hanger deck, onwards to her work. She would quickly change from dress uniform don her daily CMO uniform and continue her inventory work and laboratory upgrades.


Captain Thomas Devoe, IDF
Commanding Officer
USS Sunfire


Lieutenant Andrew Archer
Chief Science Officer
USS Sunfire


Lieutenant Commander T'Brei Sheridan


Lt. Sandy "Ghost" Shannon


LtJg. Noa Modi


CPO Taazk


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