Change of Command

Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2020 @ 7:55pm by Captain Thomas Devoe

Mission: Welcome Aboard!
Location: USS Sunfire
Timeline: 2 days prior too.

Location: Captain's Ready room, 2 days prior to Devoes arrival.


Captain Richards sat at his desk quietly making arrangements for the change of command ceremony that was to commence in the next few days. Devoe had already had his personal effects transferred to the Sunfire. He made sure to have the ships steward tend to the arrangements to the Captains quarters.

Capt Richards was soon to take command Stike Group 8 shortly thereafter. He would then be Commodore Richards directing the command of 5 Starfleet Vessels. What a change of pace. {Am I ready for such a thing?} He thought to himself. {Now, with personal assistants and an entourage to boot. What am I getting myself into?} The ready rooms door bell went off. "Come in."

The doors wisked open to reveal Ensign Johnson a young up and coming Diplomat assigned as his aid. "Sir, your orders are set and ready for your signature." As she began to hand Richards the PADD. "Thank you Ensign," as he began to review them. "Oh by the way. I understand the new Science Officer has a issue with his quarters. Will you tend to it and forward it to the incoming Captain." She stood at attention with a prompt "Yes sir, I'll see to it immediately. Will that be all for now?"
He looked up from the PADD momentarily "Yes, that will be just fine for now." She nodded did an about face and headed out the door as swiftly as she came. "These young officers, so full of energy these days," he muttered.


Captain John Richards, IDF
Outgoing Sunfire CO
USS Sunfire

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Captain Thomas Devoe, IDF
Incoming Sunfire CO
USS Sunfire