Tour - Main bridge

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The main bridge of the USS Sunfire.

Additional Information

Location Deck 1
Description In the front section is where the Chief Flight Control Officer stations. Here h/she pilots the ship.

In the midsection is where the Captain and First Officer reign over the bridge. Just like the Intrepid Class, the Captain sits on the right and the First Officer on the left.

On the top section behind the Captain and First Officer's chair is the aft stations. On the Captains left is where the Tactical Officer mains his post near the turbo lift. Sitting on their left is a spare tactical station x2 but the Chief Engineering Officer takes over a station when transferring their flag to the bridge.

On the First Officers left is where the Chief Operations Officer works on their duty using sensors to scan ships. Next to them is where the Chief Science Officer performs their bridge duties scanning and recovering data.