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Lieutenant T'Ka O’Drisscol

Name T'Ka Devon O’Drisscol

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half Human/Half Vulcan
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6 feet 2 inches
Weight 196 lbs
Hair Color Whiskey brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description T’ka stands at around 6 feet, with broad shoulders and a pale complexion. His Pointed and Angeled ears of his mother's species the Vulcans. Quite muscular for a half-Vulcan but then again he spent 80 percent of his time at the academy in and out of the gym. HIs hair is a deep brown color, but looks more natural to earth than it would Vulcan. His eyes are deep sea blue now that he gets from his father.

On duty T’Ka tends to wear his uniform, in the traditional way, his teal color pokes out from under his tunic. His hair is pushed back into a quiff, and the sides of his hair are buzzed almost to the skin.He has a much lighter complexion than most but that's because he was born in wales in the united kingdom, a not-so-sunny area of the earth that tends to get a lot of rain storms and clouds.

Off duty T’ka wears various things a mixture of earth dress and Vulcan. All through much to his mother's dismay he much prefers jeans, black or blue t-shirts and thick-soled boots. T’Ka only wears traditional Vulcan clothes when he visits his mother and grandmother on Vulcan which is very rare.


Spouse NA
Children N/a
Father Edward O'Driscol
Mother T'lon
Brother(s) NA
Sister(s) NA

Personality & Traits

General Overview T’ka is a man born of two worlds, however unlike the other half of Vulcans, T’ka forwent his Vulcan heritage and fully embraced what it meant to be human. He chose to fully embrace his human side when he entered Starfleet academy. T’ka whilst he has embraced his human side, still has those cold and detachment modes from his Vulcan heritage.

T’ka is very emotional he has struggled for a long time with those emotions, having to need counseling to try and reconcile both his sides. He has and always has struggled with his emotions coming from Vulcan and earth has meant that the choices he has made have led him to fully embrace his human side.

He is a bright, jovial, and caring young man, who sees the world through very different eyes, to his peers. He knows what it's like to come from a different world. He loves human music, and human food and loves how humans can feel it all or nothing. He is making every step to try and understand his human side.

His choice has greatly impacted his relationship with his mother T’lon, She hated the fact that he chose to be a human over a Vulcan and she has never managed to forgive him or his father. It's something that he wrestles with daily and even though it was his choice, it still hurts him to know in some way shape, or form he hurt his mother. But it was his decision and he is sticking by it now no matter the repercussions he is human for better or worse.

During conversations T’ka tends to reference “If I was logical I’d do this but I'm not so here's how its going to go” He can be so vastly unpredictable that it has become one of his very defining traits and people never know how he is going to react in any given situation and that lends to his advantage.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Hand to Hand Combat
+His Medical Knowledge
+His Sense of Humor
+Bedside Manner
+Alien Anthropology

-Can Be a loose cannon
-Tends to put others needs way before his own
-Can have a lot of self Doubt
-Pessimistic at times
Ambitions To one day Have Medical Ship

to serve Starfleet and her allies with diligence
Hobbies & Interests Cooking (Italian and Burgers)

Resarching Alien Societies and Religions


Boxing,Mixed Martial Arts and Kendo

Re-organising his Sick bay

Personal History T’ka was born on Deep Space K-13 whilst his Mother T’lon and Father Edward were aboard the station for R&R, T’lon was worried that the child would be born with birth defects as she didn't know if Vulcan and human physiology would mesh very well, despite their being various amounts of proof to suggest that human and Vulcan DNA are more than compatible as much had been by admiral Spock, Edward O’Driscoll and T’lon had a rocky relationship. Both had come from such differnt worlds, Edward was assigned the USS Vallorant and T’lon returned to Vulcan to go back to the Vulcan science directoriate.For the longest time T’ka spent his summers on vulcan and the rest of his time on the constitution refit class USS Vallorant.

The summers that he would spend at Vulcan were hell to him, his mother the ever obsessive vulcan who wanted to steer him in the direction of foregoing his emotions and choosing the “Vulcan way of Life”. He always fought against those ideals he dident want to chose one way or another, But his father never ever forced the ideals of being human on him, he walked his son through the ways humans may be different but always taught him to appreciate both his respective homewolds.

After many years T’ka cut of most contact with his mother, she became someone that he just couldent be around. He now only speaks to her on important dates, christmas,easter etc he prefers to not have her in his life for the most part.

He lived on the USS Vallorant and returned home to his grandparents on the earth every summer after that point. His Grandmother Selena May O’Driscol loved her grandson to the moon and back. He enrolled at starfleet academy and majored in medical sciences and minored in alien anthropology.

At the age of 18 T’kar made the decision to fully and unequivocally forego the “Vulcan Way” and embraced what it meant to truly be “Human” he came at this from an entirely logically emotional standpoint he enquired at the academy about having a councillor to help him walk through reconeccting him to the emotions he thought he had lost when his mother tried to bore it in to him about “Emotions make you Illogical” He specifically asked for a Romulan Councilor.

His Lecturer Dr Anson Mcgyver found him a fantastic Councillor, Liutennant Commander Pathe a famed Romulan neuroscientist and councilor, facilitated his treatment 2 times a week Pathe and T’ka would spend their sessions diving into his past but also exploring his emotions using Vulcan guided meditation that helped reconnect him with all that he seemed to have lost.

Through out the sessions he found more and more of him self, Began to start liking human music (Specifically Bands Like all time low,Paramore and Taking Back Sunday) All were early 20th century bands with a high penchant for emotional lyrics and meanings. After his sessions he found certain songs would bring out an emotional response in him.

His likes and dislikes started to fundamentally change when they started stripping back the layers, Burgers fast became the young vulcans favorite meal he would spend his downtime traveling to different diners in the vicinity of starfleet academy and trying all of their speciality burgers.

He spent 5 years at the academy training in the medical profession and as each semester that passed he got closer to the person he wanted to be with the help of both Dr Mcgyver and Commander Pathe, it was noted on Junior cadet assignment the USS Essex that his bedside manner and medical skills were second to none, during a preety bad emergency on the USS Essex that was a frontline ship during the opening months of the dominion war.

He came back from that cadet tour a little more broken and bruised than he would like, After his senior cadet year he was passed out of strfleet academy with full honors and the rank of Ensign. He was then Assigned to the USS Vashti an Oberth Class Science Vessel As there chief medical officer.

This was during the hight of the dominion war, in 2373 the USS Vashti was stationed out at Deep Space 9, The dominion war chnaged him, he saw combat,dead bodies of comrades and despite all the harshness and reality of what being on an out gunned and out manned vessel was like during a high stakes war, T’ka never reverted back to his emotionless stoic vulcan mindset, he stayed present in the moment and felt everysingle emotion for better or worse.

In 2374 after his tour on the USS Vashti, T’ka was promoted from ensign to Lt junior grade and placed aboard the USS Zheng He a luna class ship. As there Chief Medical officer, The Zheng He was to be stationed out in the Bajor sector and was to take part in “Operation Return” the joint klingon and federation assignment to bring deep space 9 back under federation and allied forces control.

T’ka saw out the duration of the dominion war on the USS Zheng He, like most frontline ships the things he saw happen at the hands of the dominion changed his view on them and the founders in general. During his Tour on the Zheng He he was close friends with a romulan called Tavek, The cheif of security who taught T’ka romulan hand to hand combat techniques should he ever need to get out of a close quaters combat situation.

At the end of the dominion war, T’ka was re-assigned to starfleet medical on earth, where he served not only as a chief surgeon, but was the medial officer in-charge of getting survivors from the dominion war through into starfleet counciling programs, so that those with severe combat orintated post traumatic stress disorder, could get the phsychological help they would need, as the medical officer in charge of the Starfleet Medical and Psychological Triage unit, he was the doctor in charge of medicines and non-holestic approches to psychological and physical health.

T’ka has been at starfleet medical on earth, now for 5 years and wants nothing more than to fly the causeways of space once more, as luck would have it starfleet have assigned him to the USS Sunfire-B a Fantastic Akira Class starship.
Service Record Strfleet Academy (Medical and Counseling Major and Alien Anthropolagy Minor)

USS Essex (Senior Cadet Assignment)

USS Vashti (Ensign)

USS Vashti (Promotion to LT Junior Grade)

USS Zheng He (LT JG ;Dominion War Assignment)

Re-Assigned to Starfleet Medical (Earth ;Medical and Counseling Emergency Triage Doctor and Surgeon)

USS Sunfire-B (Cheif Medical Officer)