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Lieutenant JG Marritza Nador

Name Marritza Nador

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Cardassian/Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 115lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Almond Brown
Physical Description Marritza is thin with toned muscular proportions. She has long straight black hair which is tied tightly behind her and braided in a bun. She uses Cardassian picks to fasten the hair in place. Her chuva (Spoon shaped organ) is colored in Jevonite Orange with traditional Cardassian ornamentation. Her scales are pronounced along the sides of her neck, gradually connecting to her breastbone in front and ribcage from behind.


Spouse Zarris Nador (deceased 2374)
Children Karra (14 Female)
Laskill (10 Male)
Father Delgon Jurant (deceased 2347)
Mother Linda Warner (deceased 2375)
Brother(s) Zarhod (47) (Deceased 2373)
Surlos (47) (Deceased 2375)
Sister(s) Ocea (62)
Keski (30) (Deceased 2375)
Other Family Grandfather Legate Jo'Ardon Nador (2375)

Human Ancestry
Uncle James Warner (Deceased 2379)
Aunt Hellen (74 lives on Earth)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Marritza continues to have some Cardassian attitudes, but makes a concerted effort to avoid topics and challenge the old beliefs. She is generally friendly to outsides, but very cautious in making new friends and suspicious towards those seeking friendship too quickly.
Strengths & Weaknesses Marritza was trained to be extremely disciplined and has an edict memory. She is constantly crafting objects from collected scrap materials. Weaknesses; Lacks tact or the ability to sympathize with others. She still has some of the Cardassian cultural norms influencing her actions.
Ambitions To gain the engineering skills needed in order to rebuild the Cardassian planets and be an instructor at the Lakarian Engineering Institute.
Hobbies & Interests Farming, Camping/Survivalist, Extreme sports, Mountain Climbing, Building tools and projects from Salvaged material. Cooking, Fishing, Sailing, and paragliding.

Personal History (Assuming current human year is 2387)

Birth; 2347
Birth Location; Neutral Zone Colony on Setlik Prime
Cardassian Father; Delgon Jurant (deceased 2367)
Human Mother; Linda Warner (deceased 2375)

Marritza was born on Setlik Prime, in the Cardassian neutral zone near Bajor. Her father was Gul Deigon Jurant the infantry commander of the 3rd order. When she was just 7 years old, her father was killed battling Klingons. Because her mother Linda was closely associated with Cardassians, many of the marquis sympathizers on the planet began demonstrating their disdain for the family.

Later that year, her paternal grandfather Legate Jo'Ardon Nador brought Marritza and the family to his Kritnar Estate on Arawath III. The life was as difficult with her grandparents as it was at the colony. Her grandparents were stern and Marritza's mother had to adjust to the direct approach used to raise them.

In 2357, the state took Marritza from her family and assigned her to Arawath Military Institute on the the main continent. Arawath was the military institute assigned to training Scientists and Engineers of the fleet. The first years were brutal as the entrants were abused physically for miner offenses and practiced a harsh system of accountability and networking. As the courses proceeded, the abuse decreased

Marritza had obtained the rank of Glinn during her Cardassian military career and was one of the top candidates for non combat promotions to the rank of Gul when the Dominion War began.
The worst day of Marritza's life took place on the final battle for Cardassia, when Jem Hadar troops swept through the cities killing all Cardassians. She lost her grandfather, mother, a sister, and brother on that day and she memorializes them every year on that anniversary.

After the Dominion War ended, several former soldiers submitted for entry into the Starfleet Academy. While their technical skills were considerably stronger than the average cadet, it was determined by Starfleet commanders and cadre that Cardassians would be required to attend the academy in order to break generational practices involving the treatment of people and to learn the traditions and practices of the Federation.
Service Record 2357 Assigned to the Arawath Military Institute.
2359 Graduated Cadet Entry Training and transferred to the Engineering progression field.
2365 Graduated the Military Institute
2365-2369 Assigned to the Orias Shipyards in the repair division.
2370-2373 Served as Engineering Officer on the CUV TrempoK
2373-2375 Served in the Cardassian Resistance
2376-2380 Accepted into Starfleet Academy
2381-2385 Served as Engineering Officer for USS Nimitz (Saber Class)
2386-current Serving as Engineering Officer of USS Sunfire (Akira Class)